The Liberal Party And Its Supporters Would Rather Divide The Nation Than Unite With The Opposition For A Higher Common Cause

I read one of the latest posts from Get Real Philippines called "Four aspects of Filipino society that are unlikely to change, even in a Duterte presidency". Here's one thing that struck me the most. I could take not of this because I tend to become a political retard myself:

One can see this in our political scene for the longest time. Rather than getting to the mundane task of building a nation together, Filipinos would rather stew in the past. If their candidate won, they become sore winners; they just can’t stop gloating, and they assume that just because their side won, then they don’t have to win their non-allies over, that they will just bend over and obey. If their candidates lost, there is no moving on from that. They focus their energies instead, on waiting for the winner to make a mistake, so that they can pounce on it.

Unfortunately, Filipinos combine this behavior with an inability to accept valid criticism, and an inability to see past personalities, and taking sides.

The sore winner mentality was also revealed when Noynoy Aquino won. The more I go back to the Aquino term the more I wonder was it really a fight against corruption? Was the economy really improving or were we fooled by the phenomenon called growth rate? Noynoy showed how much of a sore winner he was when he attacked his political enemies and made Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo as his national scapegoat. I even suspect that maybe whatever offenses the late Renato Corona got charged with were mostly Noynoy's vindictiveness and exaggerations. The same can go to how much Noynoy just vilifies anyone who doesn't agree with him. Doesn't that sound more like a dictatorship than a democracy? But for a Noytard, they believe that democracy is only alive when it's under the Empire of Aquino

Ever since President Rodrigo R. Duterte sat the Liberal Party and their host of retards have been launching one attack after the other. Take for example that a lot of networks in the Philippines would do anything to remove anything that could expose the wrongdoings of LP. No political party is perfect, the current president is perfect but why are the LP-tards acting like as if Noynoy could do no wrong or that yellow is the only color in the spectrum of colors? There are a lot of social media pages, websites, blogs and whatever biased media propaganda that would destroy anybody who's not a part of LP and anybody who would throw in important economic reforms to the faulty Aquino constitution

Let's think about the sore loser Liberal Party crowd. I already suspect that the accusation that Lugaw Queen Leni Loud Gerona-Robredo as a fake vice president is real. Why are they asking the supreme court to junk the recount if Leni Loud really won? The Liberal Party showed their sore loser attitude when President Rodrigo Duterte won instead of Marbobo Roxas. Yes I agree that it's time for #OrasNaRoxasNa but it should be #OrasNaRoxasNa in jail. The government allowing Mar to run even after several blunder cases such as the Yolanda fiasco really proves that accountability is not common in the Philippines. What's worse is that after President Duterte won they all decide to lump one bogus story after the other. It's only fair that Senator Leila Dilemma should be jailed not only because of her selective justice but also for inciting sedition in the Senate. Worse, some LP-tards are blaming the Punisher for all the killings that happened recently.

The Noytards also love to heckle the mistakes of President Duterte as if they don't make any mistakes. Do you remember the time when Duterte made the mistake when he compared himself to Hitler? As much as I commend him for apologizing to the Jewish communities but he should still avoid making such comparisons. They're always waiting for the non-LP member winner to make a mistake then they sensationalize it. One good example is how Philippine Daily Non-Inquirer decided to make a tabloid front page by saying "Heil Digong?" Others would also include how other media associated with the Aquinos try to make the Liberal Party look perfect as much as possible while vilifying everyone who's not in their party.

It's probably best to compare the Liberal Party to children who can't accept defeat when they're defeated in a game. As much as there should be competition but it should be a healthy competition. Seeking to win but to win honorably and to lose gracefully but making sure you always try your best. Unfortunately, sportsmanship is not something that the LP has been holding. You could think of it was Noynoy really a good sport? Was Roxas really a good sport? Are the current members of LP good sports? It's a good thing that the six LP senators finally got knocked out in the Senate. LP itself has always had its dominance but they always want to have it instead of giving others a chance. That alone is already why LP is one cause of division in the country. It's no longer friendly opposition but it's just all about LP. That alone should discredit them from politics because it's all about friendly opposition and friendly competition not "It's all about LP or none." 


  1. Some want Aquinos, Yellows, Democrats and Liberals to be removed, abolished and purged so they want an authoritarian gov't back someday.


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