Raissa "Gaga" Espinosa-Robles Should Be Charged With The Misuse And Abuse Of Her Right To Free Speech

Just thinking about what WTF stupid statement that Raissa Espinosa-Robles is really annoying. I gave a thought that not listening to her can save anyone from autism or cancer. I suggest it's time to charge her with her misuse and abuse of her right to free speech. Some of these charges that can be used against her are libel and possibly both treason and sedition.

So what's the problem with her? Let's just think about this conversation between her and former APO Hiking Society member Jim Paredes:

Screenshot taken from GRP Shorts

I don't agree with everything Get Real Philippines writes up but I could agree with them that Mrs. Robles has her selective outrage. So she says that the government is trying to denigrate the Philippine media and foreign media. This is a situation where she's calling the kettle black. After all who is trying to deceive the foreign media but the likes ABiaS-CBN, Non-Inquirer and Crappler all who do their Heil Aquino Empire. Only if ABiaS-CBN wasn't restored to the Lopezes after the martial law years ended.

Who in the world is she trying to kid to say that the government is trying to denigrate criticize unfairly the Philippine media when all that biased media does is do the same to President Rodrigo R. Duterte? Does she even remember the whole Hitler speech Duterte made and it was cropped by ABiaS-CBN or how ABiaS-CBN made it look like Jim Paredes was a hero during his heckling of the Digong Duterte Squad youth members? Paredes' actions didn't make him a fighter of democracy but stupidity. He tried to shove down the Yellow Empire down the throats of the youngsters who were fighting to support President Duterte's regime.

I didn't finish watching this video because even the first few minutes gave me cancer. So she calls President Duterte a cherrypicker from history but what about the Aquinos or the Yellow Media? It's unfair to just criticize the Marcoses but not criticize the Aquinos for their wrongdoings. With how biased the pro-Aquino media is, it's time to ask her whether or not it's an act of historical cherrypicking or not to crop out certain details in favor of the other party. 

Let me guess what's inside Raissa's head. I guess she lives in an echo chamber where only the Empire of Aquino is right and everybody else is wrong. She spreads her venomous stupidity like saying that first world countries didn't progress through foreign investment, that a parliamentary would automatically return the Marcoses to power and whatever stupid statements she can dream about. You know the statement that stupid people think they're so smart. The more stupid a stupid person is the more that person has a high view of one's self. Raissa Gaga is definitely an example of that.

So what's democracy for Raissa anyway? Democracy is only possible if you have the Rule of Aquino? It's no better than people who think that democracy is only under the Rule of Marcos or the Rule of Whoever because it's not democracy anymore. She's probably just pretending to fight for democracy but in reality she wants the Philippines to be under the tyranny of the Yellow Party forever and ever because she benefits from them like free parties and attention for this idiot.

Should she go to jail maybe she'll play the victim card again. Please, like Leila Dilemma she won't be a political prisoner when she gets caught. She may even be a destablizer for all we know. But right now, I think she can be charged with libel for what she's doing.


  1. We hope that we will wait for authoritarianism and its authoritarian gov't to suppress and repress freedom of speech for proapganda machine loyal to our government in the future.


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