So Your Favorite Sources For The "Facts" Are Komiks, Pelikulas And Perhaps Teleseryes Made By The Biased Media?

It's really time to target on one part of anti-intellectualism in the Filipino society is where in the world do they get their sources? One could guess that they come from biased media presentations. Instead of looking for documentaries they want to use komiks, pelikulas (movies) and teleseryes as their source to back up their claims. 

Do you remember the comics that Mar Roxas made called "Sa Gitna Ng Unos"? I hate to admit it but I met a few people who were 18 and above who decided to use the comics to defend that Mar is the superhero of Yolanda. He even had the audacity to say that its based on what really happened when it isn't. I even thought about this one that I don't think any Manga publisher in Japan will ever produce a comic based on the Roxas comic except to make a parody of it. 

I'm still reminded of the Flor Contemplacion Story even if it's already 22 years. The reason is because that B.S. movie is probably used as a valid source to hate Singapore. The film was so full of inconsistencies and yet many bought it during its airing. It became a blockbuster film and the song "Kahit Kong Awa" became a popular hit. It didn't matter if there was any evidence that proved that the late Flor was indeed guilty. For those who love the film it's already the truth and there's no mistake in that film. They want to believe Singapore is an evil country that should be boycotted.

Not to mention, let's think of what if ABiaS-CBN or GMA-7 would decide to create a teleserye on what they claim is "based on the real events". I wanted to imagine that if a movie wasn't enough what if a teleserye depicting the late Flor as an innocent victim were to come out? What if Mar ended up having a teleserye that depicted him as the hero of Tacloban? If ratings ever go up they will extend these teleseryes they claim tell the actual events but they'll insert a lot of fictitious events. They may even want to put event that Mar never did during Yolanda. Maybe they may even make Mar fly in the teleseryes just go gain more ratings. The komiks was already preposterous enough so don't expect the teleserye not to be even more preposterous. 

Documentaries usually stick to the facts. The Rolando Mendoza incident was aired on National Geographic and it really stuck to the facts. Komiks, pelikulas and teleseryes tend to be so full of artistic liberty that it's easy to insert fictitious events and claim them to be real. A documentary on Yolanda would focus only on what happened. Any komiks, pelikulas or teleserye that will portray Mar as a superhero can insert a lot of fictitious events. While komiks, pelikulas and teleseryes can be entertaining or can be good visual aid for learning history but viewers must learn to differentiate imagined scenes vs. the actual events. Imagined scenes are only placed there because the directors want to imagine what possible conversation took place but disclaimers should be placed. If the komiks, pelikulas and teleseryes have no real valid sources to back it up then they're bogus.