It's Time To Rewrite The Song "American Junk" Into "Yellow Party Junk"

Do you remember how Danny Javier once was the lead singer of the song "American Junk"? It's time to rewrite the song into Yellow Party Junk. Here's how it'll go with new narrations in honor of Javier's support for President Rodrigo R. Duterte:

Leave me alone to my new world devices
I don't need your stupidity
You just want to use my mental resources

And you leave Filipinos poor and in misery
Third world blues is what you've got
Troubles, yes you've got a lot


(Yellow Party Junk)
Get it out of my bloodstream
Yellow Party Junk)
Get it out of my system
Yellow Party Junk)
I can only take so much
Yellow Party Junk)
Gotta get out of who I am

You call it OPM
I call it pollution
You music I now see on my television
(OPM Top 40)
Why is it now I can only sing
In Taglish language that you people bring
(In Tag-taglish, in Tag-taglish)
Why is it now that they only
Play OPM music on TV and radio
It's been so long since I had
A glance of what I think I shouldn't be


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