North Korea's Heavy Dependence On China Proves That Self-Industrialization Is Just A Sick Man's Fantasy

I remembered how I wrote my entry asking this question that if protectionism is so good then why is South Korea doing better than North Korea? It's an answer that could be answered with the difference of political and economic policies. I'd like to take a bit of a flashback on a made-up imaginative guy I call "Heneral Lunatic".

This is one of the most retarded stuff I've read and I'm not even an economist or a historian. Whoever made this meme is a lunatic and should be rightfully called Heneral Lunatic. The maker of the meme tells people to study history while he dares to say that first world countries succeeded not through accepting foreign businesses but through economic protectionism. I wonder where are his sources to prove that? He says that by protecting the local businesses that a pambansang industriya was born. But as said, whoever made the meme should first test his theory on an uncharted island. I don't need a doctorate in economics to know it'll fail or to understand the basics of economic liberalization and how it benefited the first world countries.

From CNN Money, here's some interesting facts about how North Korea is actually dependent on China which ironically practices free trade:

Food and energy: China provides North Korea with most of its food and energy supplies, and accounts for 60% of the reclusive nation's total trade.

Air and land routes: Considered a rogue state by the West, North Korea is able to use air and land routes through China with minimal interference or inspection.

Cheap labor: For its part, China seems to be interested in its neighbor's natural resources and cheap labor.

Mining and commodities companies: There are about 200 Chinese companies in operation in North Korea, most of which are involved in mining and the production of commodities.

Because North Korea cannot finance its trade through borrowing, it has a $1.25 billion deficit with China, according to the Council of Foreign Relations. Beijing is also the largest foreign direct investor, according to the Korea Economic Institute of America.

These facts help prove that North Korea can't carry the fantasized "pambansang industriya" of Heneral Lunatic. Did they not learn from the example of how it was Deng Xiaoping and not Mao Zedong that brought China up as an economic power? The irony and hypocrisy is that protectionist North Korea is actually relying on a free trade ran country like China. If they hate free trade so much so why are they actually relying on China which is a free trade country? Why do the even owe so much money from China? Not to mention I have not heard anyone who went from South Korea to North Korea to escape from the "evils" of free trade to "enjoy the benefits" of economic protectionism. Oh the incredible irony of the pambansang industriya theory and how self-contradictory people who uphold to Heneral Lunatic's ideology can be.

What Filipinos can learn from North Korea's failure

The 1987 Constitution needs a massive overhaul. Unfortunately, the Yellow Empire is so against constitutional reforms. Although the Philippines hasn't reached the level of North Korea but it could be getting closer than you think. Let's take a look at some ways the Philippines is suffering from certain problems no thanks to economic protectionism. I guess the Dilawans want to make the Yellow Media the only media for the Filipinos to get information from. That is you only have ABiaS-CBN's channels, you'll only have Crappler and Philippine Daily Non-Inquirer and all services of the country will be held by the might Aquino Empire. Hmmm that's just like how North Korea's media is strictly controlled by its government.

The Philippines' economic protectionist policy created the OFW phenomenon that is constantly tearing families apart. The phenomenon calls them the "bagong bayani" but in reality they are just exploited by their own country. This has caused the Philippines to rely too much on other countries as a result. Also, shouldn't we mention that the Philippines is also overly reliant on the United States of America? If the Philippines had a more open economy then it could have the budget to also modernize its army. It wouldn't be reliant too much on the United States for every small problem. I wonder if people like Toady Casino and Neri Colmenares realize that their love for protectionism caused the Philippines to be overly reliant on the United States. Ironic how a protectionist loving country is also benefiting from a country that progressed through free trade. If the United States is down right now then it's not because of free trade but irresponsible handling of funds.

North Korea can't provide efficient food and energy on its own then the same applies for the Philippines. Why utilities are so expensive and why salaries are so low is no thanks to protectionism. Anybody who says that the Philippines' future is so bright with protectionism needs to see the bigger picture. If you want prices to go down then supply must go up to fill in the demand. You can't have higher salaries first without fixing the economic situation. But these idiots think that the Philippines can increase the supply through self-industrialization. You want better services? You want higher pay? Then you should swallow your wrong sense of nationalism and start accepting that the Philippines should get involved in international marketing.

Besides, hasn't the Philippines' huge debt also been a result of economic protectionism? It's very easy to just keep blaming the Marcoses never mind that they're not the only problem. Ferdinand E. Marcos Sr.'s years weren't the golden years of the Philippines but the Aquinos never brought in a golden age either. The Aquinos ended up just feeding the oligarchy through economic protectionism.  If they want the Philippines' debt to decrease then accepting foreign investors should be done. As I love to say it foreign investors will not only provide more customers and service providers for local business but they will also help generate more taxes from their revenues in return. Free trade in turn should produce revenues for the Philippines to pay off whatever foreign debts it occurred from the Marcos years up to the post-Marcos years. 


  1. Marcoses were the golden age as a myth. In reality, the fact is, under Marcos admin, the economy dwindled in 1983-1986 and the economy was in P28B debt. It was the darkest chapter of the economy.

    1. Under Marcos, we lost two decades of development. That's the truth! Marcos and Aquino administration up to 2nd gen Aquino was protectionist!


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