My Imagined Hypothetical Scenario That The Liberal Party Would Attempt To Do Another Light-A-Fire Movement

It just entered my head would the Liberal Party attempt to redo the Light a Fire Movement which happened during the Marcos Years? Think about how much of sore losers the Liberal Party members have become and if worse comes to worse, it might be time to light a fire for them. It reminded me of the whole movement where the late Esther Paredes, Jim Paredes' mother was involved and the late Cory Aquino foolishly pardoned her. I haven't had a whole picture of the Light a Fire movement but it definitely wasn't heroic.

Here's something that Get Real Philippines wrote about the Light a Fire Movement and the hypocrisy of the anti-Marcos movement:

The bomb blasts were deadly and were clearly meant to kill people as much as destroy high profile targets. One bomb exploded in Rustan’s department store in Makati killing one American tourist. Another exploded at the Philippine International Convention Center (PICC) while then President Ferdinand Marcos was in the building.

Indeed, in light of these acts of terrorism, the outrage expressed by today’s Martial Law Crybabies over the arrest and detention of dissidents by Marcos’s government is quite baffling. Surely there is ample reason for any government to mount an aggressive operation to round up troublemakers when bombs explode randomly all over the capital city — specially one meant to terrorise the president himself. As a nation under martial law, Philippine government agents will have naturally acted and executed their orders within the framework of the extraordinary powers afforded them by that state.

The Martial Law Crybabies have to do a bit better arguing as to why rounding up dissidents during those troubled years would constitute such an outrage. More importantly, they should first take stock of the terrorist heritage of their own movements.

I just thought about it that if the Light a Fire Movement used the martial law years to justify their acts would they now use the Duterte administration's "tyranny" to do so? My assumption would be a probable yes. If they could pin all the extrajudicial killings to President Rodrigo R. Duterte and if that doesn't work maybe they could start another Light a Fire movement. I thought about a couple of possible events that could lead to several incidents of arson. It could involve blowing away structures in relation to certain places. Supporters of Leila Dilemma could attempt to burn down anything that belongs to Justice Secretary Vitaliano N. Aguirre Jr. such as his law office or private home. Supporters of Cynthia Patay could attempt to burn down all Yellow Cab pizzas after she called for its boycott. Some Noytards from Davao City may go as far as to burn any property belonging to President Duterte's relatives such as Sarah Duterte-Carpio's house. Noytards in Ilocos Norte may decide to burn down Bongbong Marcos' wind power plant because it was built by a Marcos. That's just a small list of what I imagine could happen if another Light a Fire movement happened.

Should something similar ever happen that would prove that the Yellow Empire is just full of hypocrisy and stupidity. If they ever decide to launch a Light a Fire movement for the sake of their empire then they don't have the ground to condemn any form of extrajudicial killing. What would give them the right to do arson which could even seriously injure or murder someone in the process? Would it be okay for them to throw flaming bottles at Duterte supporters while it's not okay for anybody to do it to them? Those incidents alone could be a ground to sentence them to either life imprisonment sentenced to a life of heavy labor or to die by firing squad.