The Super Lousy Tagalog Dubs Done By ABiaS-CBN And GMA-7

I remembered watching a lot of Tagalog-dubbed non-English foreign shows during the 90s. Who could remember watching Filipino-English or Tagalog-dubbed Anime or Tokusatsu assuming they were born in the 90s? I grew up and discovered the wonderful world of Tokusatsu fan subs. That moment just made me think that I couldn't appreciate the dubbing. While dubbing is okay (like the American dub of Animes are still good) but a lot of dubbing done by Filipino oligarch networks really turn out super bad.

Here's an example of that one. Did you remember the time when GMA-7 aired Kamen Rider OOO? This is just one example of how bad the dub really is. It's almost lifeless and Eiji Hino sounds like he's either having a toothache or a cleft lip when he doesn't have those defects. Just sitting through even ONE EPISODE of Kamen Rider OOO dubbed was so awful. Is he a superhero or is he a zombie? The dubber makes Eiji sound like a zombie. 

Here's a clip of Kang Chi. Who in the world is dubbing Suzy Bae here anyway? Please, Suzy is far better than the teleserye primetime princesses. Just hearing the lifeless dubbing makes me think that the dubbers don't even sound convincing. Come on, Kang Chi is seeing Yoo Wool the woman he loves getting hurt and the dubber can't make it sound convincing? Also, Suzy's character Yoo Wool is hurt and yet the dubber makes it look like it doesn't hurt at all. They should have given effort. You're better off watching the original Kang Chi with subs!

Would dubbing of non-English shows be a problem? I wouldn't think so. American dubs of Anime shows are pretty good. As much as I don't like Power Rangers but Saban Entertainment does a good job in dubbing Dragon Ball compared to the Filipino dubs. If the dubbers could just do their jobs properly then I wouldn't mind too much. But no, it just turns out so horrible. If they could have just done a good job with their dubbing I don't think I'd be writing this article to start with!

Why are those stupid networks dubbing even the English shows in Tagalog? Isn't it any wonder why the quality of Filipino-English has deteriorated for the recent years? That alone is a considerable loss for Filipinos. Non-English speaking Asian neighbors come to the Philippines to learn to speak English but that may soon be gone of the quality of Filipino-English will die out. 


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  2. Japanese dub in Japanese anime is very superb compared to English/Tagalog dubbed Japanese Animes.


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