Is Blocking ABiaS-CBN's Renewal A Threat To Democracy Or Aquinocracy?

It's very easy for the Yellow Garbage crowd to say that "Democracy is dead! Martial law is back!" with this video. Is ABiaS-CBN defending democracy or Aquinocracy? I don't think President Rodrigo R. Duterte is just being personal but he's also talking about OTHER candidates who were affected. Chiz Escudero wasn't his vice president but he also spoke up for him. Even if President Duterte has a temper that he should control but I admire how he faced his other rivals with respect. He even attended the wake of the late Miriam Defensor-Santiago when she died. 

This is a video where ABiaS-CBN and its associate media are getting what's coming to them one way or another. Is it democracy to just have the Yellow Garbage do what they want and let them run the country without any healthy opposition? The Liberal Party isn't even healthy opposition but it only cares about its agenda. Please, Filipinos are to pledge their allegiance to the Philippine flag and not the Yellow Ribbon. Any party can have whatever symbol they have but that symbol only represents the political party but not the whole nation. What ABiaS-CBN is doing is media brainwashing which is not democracy anymore.

ABiaS-CBN's biased reporting is a misuse and abuse of the democratic right to free speech. Instead of showing what the public should know in full they choose to show whatever is only convenient to them. A good example is how Jim Paredes' coverage with ABiaS-CBN didn't feature the full video of him trolling the Digong Duterte Squad youths. While there's the right to free speech but remember with every democracy means with great power comes great responsibility. Democracy demands that both sides be examined. What ABiaS-CBN is doing is glorify the Liberal Party while bashing everyone else that doesn't agree with their political views.

No, blocking ABiaS-CBN's renewal as well as getting rid of its associate media or even terminating it isn't a threat to democracy but to Aquinocracy. After all, ABiaS-CBN still wants an Aquino-only or Liberal Party-only rule for the Philippines. How is that democracy if only Dilawans rule and everyone else' voice is silenced? How is Paredes fighting for democracy when he even refused to hear the side of the DDS Youth? If the move is ever a threat to democracy it's to the idea of a dysfunctional state of freedom. A healthy democracy requires discipline and hearing every side of the coin and let opposition present their views, sort out everyone's views and work together for a common good. But all ABiaS-CBN is doing is showing their idiotic one-sided brain that only favors the Liberal Party and nothing more. 


  1. Let's have authoritarianism to close down ABS-CBN and congress in the future. We should be like Han-Dynasty-And-Deng-Era period in the Philippines to break limit of Foreign investment and restrictions.


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