What Leni Robredo And Leni Loud Have In Common?

I guess it's time to call Leni Robredo as "Leni Loud" after the character in The Loud House. What do Leni Robredo and Leni Loud have in common? They're both fashionistas who have almost no clue of what's going on. Although Leni Loud is made dumber than usual because The Loud House is a sitcom but you can't deny that Leni Robredo does have things in common with Leni Loud.

I can't forget these words by Leni which I read from the Non-Inquirer

"Kailangan lakasan pa rin namin ang aming mga loob. Kung sa palagay namin hindi kami sang-ayon sa polisya ng gobyierno, lalakasan ang pagpahayag ng pagkontra , dahil tingin namin isang mahalagang elemento ito ng isang demokrasya (We should be braver. If we think we don’t agree with the government policy, we make our opposition louder because this is an important element of democracy),"

There's a fine line between bravery and stupidity. Bravery means facing your fears. If some very stupid people fear everything then some very stupid people fear nothing. Antonio Trillanes IV is almost afraid of nothing is because he almost knows nothing. What is Leni doing? If President Rodrigo R. Duterte needs to be more calm and watch his mouth then Leni Robredo like Leni Loud should hear herself talk. Critics of Alan Cayetano who support Leni Robredo don't see the content of it. While Cayetano also needs to control his mouth but at least he talks some sense. Leni Robredo is just like Leni Loud.

Here's one of the moments that makes anybody who watches "The Loud House" say "Leni Loud is that you?" Like Leni Loud, she's just clueless and not to mention she's got a very thick face and think skin at the same time. Is this what Loida Nicolas Lewis wants? It may not be long before Leni faces this dilemma that even her voters may go against her soon.