What If Nagpapakako Sa Krus Si Mar Noong 2016? Binoto Mo Na Ba?

I decided to write on a hypothetical event that could have happened last 2016 wishing that it really happened. I imagined that Mar "Palpakman" Roxas the very source of inspiration for Shippaiman would have dared to carry out the penitensya. Sure, it was just a hypothetical question at best on what if Mar would have allowed himself to be crucified then would you vote for him? My answer would still be a huge no.

Let's just say that Mar really allowed himself to be crucified last Good Friday of 2016 as a publicity stunt. The outcome may just be as bad if not worse than all his publicity stunts combined. It may not only win him more ridicule but his popularity rating would have dropped. Maybe he thought that allowing himself to be crucified on a Good Friday would get him votes but the results were pretty much the opposite. Instead, it backfired making people hate him even more.

The comedy that could happen to him being unable to bear the nails as they pierce his hands and feet. He might decide to endure the nailing so he could get a vote. He might even get the spotlight but not for a good reason. Maybe we're going to get the whole nation laughing at him. I guess it would be safe to say that Mar would be the talk of the town with politics. They might even make fun of every publicity stunt he made including the penitensya.

This might soon end up with Mar crying that he did everything he could but still failed to win the presidency. It's a good thing that PCOS machine scam was already partly exposed with them getting hacked to make Mar win. Now it's probably time to recount the votes of not just Leni Robredo but everyone who supposedly won in their seats to remove fake candidates.


  1. Loyalists want to return the authoritarianism to purge off corrupt LP.

  2. Iyan na ang pinakamalaking pagkakamali ni Mar, ang hindi niya naisipang magpapako sa krus lastyear bago mag 2016 prwsidential election. Kung nagawa lang sana niyang magpapako ay siguradong presidente na siya ng Pilipinas ngayon!

    1. That's an interesting thought that if he did it, would have he been president? I don't think so. Maybe he'll just end up crying that even when he did it he still ended up losing one way or another.


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