Happy Birthday Leni Loud Robredo

Yes, this blog wishes Leni Loud Robredo a happy birthday but not in a good way. Today is her birthday and here's here last minute "birthday gift" from Making It More Fun in the Philippines. I am wishing her an explosive birthday.

How's her performance to the eyes of common tao observers like myself? Instead of focusing on her supposed job as vice-president (I hope the recount happens soon to prove or disprove the accusation she won by cheating) she's just doing pictorials and pa-epal. She was given her job as housing czar but what did she do? I guess she was procrastinating instead of doing her job. Now she even thinks she can get away with blaming Bongbong Marcos for the impeachment rap against President Duterte.  
Do I need to graduate from political science or get a doctorate in law to understand that she's not fit to be vice president? Do I need to be an economics major to understand that she needs to understand how Yellow Economics doesn't help beat poverty and joblessness? The answer is no. While we do need political analysts and economists to come up with more concrete solutions than this blog but it doesn't take a genius to see that she's incompetent to the max.

I guess birthday wishes will be recount the posts. If she's really the winner then impeach. If she's not the winner then depose of her. Either way, Filipinos should stop tolerating having nganga politicians like her and the Liberal Party should no longer be considered a healthy opposition. Hopefully, it'll be good riddance Leni Loud from the Malacanang and politics as well as her fellow yellow comrades because they're not helping the Philippines.