Teleseryes Are So Bootleg In Terms Of Quality

While bootleg in legal terms would mean anything that's not a licensed reproduction but the term itself has been defined by Online Slang as cheap, second-rate, displeasing or something that's too old and ratty even if they're not illegal reproductions based on any show. Some of them may not be based on anything but they're still bootleg due to the quality of the show. Some people end up calling a show bootleg not because it was an illegal reproduction but because the quality feels like it was an unlicensed reproduction or it was just so horrible you could compare it to pirated versions of authentic brands.

How bootleg (or cheap) are teleseryes in terms of quality? If you've seen the scene above from Palyang Robin Hood from GMA-7 then you'll get what I mean. That stupid water gun looks like something that I could buy from a sidewalk vendor instead of a toy guy from a toy distributor. It's almost like a commercial for a toy gun from a sidewalk vendor than something that was made by Bandai, Toy Biz or any well-known toy company. It's not even worth passing it as props for Super Sentai or Kamen Rider because it's so bootleg in terms of appearance. It looks like a toy gun that's produced by those bootleggers. I don't think Toei would want that water gun used in any of their shows.

If you remembered Zaido: Pulis Pangkagagohan then you may want to puke again as I mention it. The costumes look like they were cheap cosplay costumes than costumes meant for a legitimate production. Compare the quality of the Space Sheriff suits vs. the knock-offs that Zaido made. While both shows are licensed productions but one stands out over the other. Avilo looks like it could fall apart anytime soon. Please, it's already past the 1980s and why can't this show give something that should fit in last decade? Zaido's horrible quality makes it worse than the 1970s special effects that Toei had to deal with. At least, the 70s Toku (which I don't have much interest) tried to do everything they can to get better. Some 80s-90s Toku outdid themselves by actually trying to maximize whatever resources they had back then. What's worse is that teleseryes are still sucky regardless of what era they come from because of their mediocrity.

Even if these teleseryes are legal productions but online slang may still call it bootleg in terms of quality. It reminded me of the difference of quality between a knock-off product vs. the authentic product. The same happens when ABiaS-CBN or GMA-7 makes their own localization of foreign shows. Even if they were licensed productions but they look like they were illegitimate reproductions because of how bad they turn out to be. They end up as low grade shows because they couldn't capture the quality. While I have nothing against localizing foreign shows but if you do a bad job then it's still bootleg in terms of quality. But the way teleseryes do it is just like how imitation products easily fall apart. So while they're not bootleg legally speaking but they're still bootleg in terms of quality.