Filipinos Shouldn't Even Care If Kris Aquino Is Going To Hollywood Or Not

WTF! I don't know whether or not this is even worth a headline that Kris Aquino is supposedly scheduled to appear in a Hollywood movie. Is this another tabloid or fake news from the Philippime Dumbing Daily, the Non-Inquirer or Crappler or is this giving me another reason to avoid most American media? So what's the big deal?

Trending Topics Today reveals that Kris may have written this on her Instagram account:

For a year, I experienced rejections. A part of my spirit broke. There were two shows I lost because hiring an Aquino for TV was a political risk not worth taking... But something happened March 23, 2017- a Tony & Grammy award winning Broadway producer, Jhett Tolentino contacted me through Cong. Len Alonte and Manang Nene Chan. He was helping a Filipino-Chinese-American agent friend of his reach me to ask if I'd want to audition for a big Hollywood studio movie about to start filming.

Is Kris really confident and that delusional to think that she'll automatically make it to a Hollywood film? If so, how confident is she that she's going to even make it when she's still auditioning? I think about it that the idea that she will star in a Hollywood movie may be another fake news created by the pro-Aquino media. This might be another plan to put her up in politics or what? It may be another plot to get her to be relevant and to keep the Aquino Empire or maybe it's time to call it the Loida Empire in power. They may claim to fight for democracy but it's really not a democracy if everything is under the Rule of Yellow.

Teleserye watchers may say that their favorite shows are world class because Kris is going to make it to Hollywood. Puh-lease she's probably still auditioning right now. Even if she makes it why should they even care about it? She's already damaged the minds of Filipinos with her irresponsible journalism similar to cohorts like Korina Sanchez-Roxas and Raissa Espinosa-Robles. They claim to be only exercising their right of freedom of speech but they're already misusing it. People have the right to share their views but they don't have the right to incite sedition or do any form of misinformation because they can harm anyone.

Besides, I really think that Kris deserves a new timeslot but not in the airwaves or broadband. She and her kind should end up having their timeslot in jail to maintain a healthy democracy. The reason is that they can be charged with several instances of misinforming Filipinos with false information for several years. That alone should serve a reason to why she and other irresponsible journalists should go to jail. Filipinos should continue to stop feeding Kris TV because it's definitely a waste of their time and they should stick to real, relevant issues. 


  1. it doesn't matter if she is into Hollywood, at least she deserves to play important role in JACKASS series only to be puked & pooed both by Jackass crew & viewers.


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