How Teleseryes Promote The Pwede Na Yan Culture To Its Viewers

Teleseryes will never be world class nor will they really make big time to the foreign market. You can go ahead and get mad  t me all you want but teleseryes are part of the Pwede Na Yan culture. So how are teleseryes really part of the pwede na yan? Here's how it goes:

Basta may script tayo pwede na yan

Good writing or seeking to improve one's writing has never been part of the teleserye trend. Sure Super Sentai, Kamen Rider, Japanese drama, Korean drama, Taiwanese drama, etc. do have their bad moments but the difference is they keep learning from their mistakes and bad seasons are pretty much 1 out of 10/100/1000 compared to teleseryes. Teleseryes just submit the script for the sake of having a script.

Basta may mga artista na magpalabas pwede na yan

There's really no real priority of getting actors who could act or at least help them in how to act better. The TV stations could care less as long as there's a cast to carry out the teleserye. One good example is how often cast members keep getting recycled one way or another. They could care less how lousy the cast member is as long as there's a cast member.

Basta may eye candy tayo pwede na yan

I guess superficiality is a common problem in the Philippines. What's the use of having eye candy if you've got such a terrible script? Eye candy won't make those stupid teleseryes any better because it's the script, aesthetics and acting that counts. You can have a lot of pretty faces but if they can't the job done then it's just like pagpag wrapped in a fancy wrapper.

Basta may props tayo gamitin pwede na yan

It's stupid to criticize Tokusatsu for having toy-like weapons and rubber monsters while you patronize the bad equipment of telebasuras. Just looking at Palyang Robin Hood's water gun flame thrower makes me go WTF. While Tokusatsu do have toy-like weapons but those are meant to advertise toys that you don't buy from a sidewalk vendor. You could easily get Palyang Robin Hood's water gun from any sidewalk vendor in the Philippines or Zaido's costumes are too low for cosplay standards.

Basta may soundtrack pwede na yan

I remembered how I said that you have to be pretty pathetic to stupid to believe that the Zaido soundtrack is miles better than the Shaider soundtrack. While I do admit that there are talented Filipino musicians but the real talents tend to get appreciated better in other countries than in the Philippines. I still can't forget how Gerphil Flores was being bullied by Ai Ai Delas Malas and Kris Aquino. A lot of these soundtracks are so awful any Filipino with good taste wouldn't listen to them.

Basta may action scenes pwede na yan

The action scenes in teleseryes are so mediocre. The stuntwork is pretty pathetic whether it's the main cast or the stuntmen. I could compare these type of action scenes to Mister Pogi from Dragon Ball Z. In short, these action scenes are such a joke. Super Sentai is meant for children but they have fight scenes even grown ups can enjoy.

Basta may ipalabas tayo ngayong hapon o prime time pwede na yan

I guess this is the reason why teleseryes get shown at a Monday to Friday basis than a weekly basis compared to quality shows. Zaido could have been better if it were done on a weekly basis because writers will have time to write it. But for them it's like, "Screw it! We need to air every night!" The same goes for teleseryes airing every night. They could care less about quality as long as they have something to air.

Basta may ending tayo pwede na yan

While some endings in some better shows can make you go WTF but teleserye endings are worse. Sure Toshiki Inoue and Yasuko Kobayashi don't write the best endings but I'd take them any day over the stupid endings of telebasuras. Most of these pointless endings happen not because they've been planned but because the show's ratings decline and it's like "Quick we need to write a finale!" Then it ends up where the finales end up in such a way it's just dumb.