Leni Loud Robredo's Statement She Ran For VP To Avoid A Marcos From Returning To Power Is Simply Stupid

It's not really surprising that Leni Loud herself is well, loud. It's not surprising that she is already saying that she ran for vice president to prevent a Marcos from coming back to power. Here are the lines that Leni Loud herself also said that she won fair and square. But if she did win fair and square why is she against any possibility of a manual recount? Hmmm her words are eating her up aren't they?

Here's why Leni Loud's getting more and more irrelevant. Here's what GRP Shorts is addressing to Leni Loud:

Hoy, Boba! Haven't you learned yet that the Marcos card doesn't work on the Filipino people anymore? Besides, Bongbong's case against you in the Presidential Electoral Tribunal (PET) is advancing as it should and he doesn't need you to be impeached. You being impeached is immaterial to his case, it has no bearing whatsoever to PET.

[In reference to the ABS-CBN News report Robredo tags Marcos as hand behind impeachment bid.]

And if you're impeached, according to Article 7 Section 9 of the Philippine Constitution, the President will have to appoint a Vice-President from current members of either the lower or upper house. ("Whenever there is a vacancy in the Office of the Vice-President during the term for which he was elected, the President shall nominate a Vice-President from among the Members of the Senate and the House of Representatives who shall assume office upon confirmation by a majority vote of all the Members of both Houses of the Congress, voting separately.")

Is Bongbong a current member of the Senate or Congress? NO. Again, he doesn't stand to benefit, so please, stop spreading false information just to convince people to rally behind your sad and pathetic cause.

Using Marcos again to deflect the issue of your betrayal of public trust, ha! Nice try. Proceed to the next item in the Aquino Playbook because this one is quite the stretch.

And you know who wants you out? It's the Filipino people! Just stop, look (with those ginormous eyes), and listen--all around you, everywhere! No one wants you there! So no, not Marcos!

As much as I don't want to believe that Ferdinand E. Marcos Sr. was a hero but again why are we putting all the blame on all the children as if they were involved? I may have disliked Bongbong Marcos for being a Marcos and Noynoy Aquino after seeing how much of a dimwit he is but let's be fair. Bongbong isn't Marcos Sr. and Noynoy is no hero. The biased Philippine media and their allies are doing the best they can to stay relevant. Right now, Time Magazine is sadly mistaken about President Rodrigo R. Duterte. So is Time Magazine also linked to Loida Nicolas Lewis

I also thought would Leni Loud get legitimate votes if it wasn't for her status as a widow of the well-loved the late Jesse Robredo? I don't think it would happen. What's so sad is that the late Cory Aquino only got into power because the late Ninoy Aquino got assassinated. It's already decades and yet why hasn't the real killer of Ninoy been found or if Marcos Sr. really ordered it then why is Bongbong willing to continue the investigation? The mere thought that the Yellow Empire don't want a find out the truths about the deaths of Ninoy and Jesse should get you suspicious. So why even blame Marcos Sr. for the death of the late Ninoy and why blame Marcos Sr. when you don't even know the real killer? I guess the Yellow Empire only wants the truth only when it's convenient for them and make up stories that they declare as truths. 

Also, let's think of what Bongbong had done for for his hometown of Ilocos Norte vs. Leni Loud. Any achievements of the late Jesse should NOT be accredited to the wife just because she is the wife. Let's credit to Jesse what he did to Jesse and not what he did to Leni. Bongbong has done better in his running of his hometown and he's done much as a Senator. This is a far cry from Leni Loud herself. It would be best to do the manual recount of votes to prove once and for all whether or not Leni Loud is indeed a fake vice president. Then again, even if she was legitimately won she could still be unseated because of what she's doing.