Butthurt Philippines' Short On Telebasura Productions

Here's a funny Butthurt Philippines clip (please click to enlarge or kindly open to another window) showing the possible step on how to make telebasuras. These four steps may actually reflect on what's wrong with the credit grabbing culture. This is going to be a pretty outrageous post so be ready for just anything. Remember you've been warned? Are you ready?

The new hero "Patay Bilyar" who is none other than Deadpool given a Filipino name. But this is the problem that a lot of telebasura producers are indeed credit grabbers. The telebasura producer then fires the cameraman after he points out that "Patay Bilyar" is based on Deadpool. The producer pretends not to know Deadpool and fires the cameraman to make sure that it looks like an "original production". If I'm to talk this is like the Chaiyo vs. Tsubaraya case.

The next step happens to be how to answer critics especially when they're your fellow Pinoy. Now you see a millenial pointing out that "Patay Bilyar" is "gaya gaya" kay Deadpool. The reaction of the producer is to lie that Deadpool was adapted from Deathstroke and that Deathstroke was supposedly based on Nardong Putik therefore Patay Bilyar is an "original Pinoy creation" which is stupid. Let's say that even if Deathstroke were based frm Nardong Putik but it's still not an original Pinoy creation. The guy making up the claim trying to sound intelligent is just as stupid as Heneral Lunatic who tells us to study history so we'll see how protectionism and not free trade is the answer.

Now all hope is lost but what does this dirty producer do? He gathers all his ass kissers or should I say loyal fans are gathered. These the bandwagon riders of "Patay Bilyar". The producer himself goes as far as to call those who criticized his production "Patay Bilyar" to be "traitors to fellow Filipinos" (if the critics were fellow Pinoys) or that such people aren't pro-masa or have no sense of pride in one's race. He plays the victim card where he also does a lot of Mar Roxas type of talk to insult the critics. But of course enlightened Pinoys should just continue to let the asses of those butthurt idiots to catch on fire with criticizing how stupid telebasuras can be.  

My response? If he starts playing the nationalist card as the reason why I should watch telebasuras then I could start raising up his self-contradictory argument. Don't tell me that when the shows were produced that the network wasn't using anything imported to make the show. Don't tell me that the equipment used to film those telebasuras were all made in the Philippines or that the TV sets used to watch their lousy shows were made in the Philippines. 'Nuff said. 


  1. Don't get me started with the crap called PALYANG ROBIN HOOD.....

    1. In addition to what I said: Palyang Robin Hood is not only crap, IT'S A F***ING BOOTLEG OF ARROW!

    2. Although it wasn't bootleg in the sense it's an illegal reproduction but you can't help but wish it were bootleg because it's so horrible.

      Just like Zaido may be a licensed production but it's a bootleg of Shaider in the sense it's SO TERRIBLE you wished it were an illegal reproduction.

      Internet slang anyone?


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