Kung Hei Fat Choi: A Lot Of Frustrated People May Want To See Noynoy Aquino And Joseph Pabaya Get Run By A Train Over Tonight!

Do you remember the cancelled, national would have been blockbuster known as Sagasa 2016? They promised that if the expressway from Baclaran to Bacoor were not done by 2015 then both Noynoy Aquino and Joseph Emilio A. Pabaya said they'd get run over by a train. Well it's an obvious hyperbole but one must realize the problems faced with the MRT. I bet many people wish that it really were a literal statement. 

One must realize how terrible the Metro Railway Transit was during the watch of Pabaya himself. Although his real surname is Abaya but you can't help but call him Pabaya due to his willful negligence. The MRT deterioration caused heavy traffic in Manila yet Pabaya has the nerve to say that traffic isn't fatal. As I said, I dare Pabaya to get injured and to get stuck in traffic and let's see if he doesn't die as a result. The MRT deterioration is making the life of the hard working Filipino even harder while giving habitually tardy Pinoys a justification to be late. 

Possible consequences of the MRT deterioration may also lead to massive accidents. Let's just say that the train got derailed because of the broken rains. Don't tell me that it's not fatal because it's not. Maybe I should dare both Noynoy and Pabaya to get a direct hit from the derailed MRT to prove that their neglect is just a small issue because it's not a small issue that you can just let go of. Tiny problems can mutate into big ones. Remember that a single spark may set huge accidents like smoking near a flammable area can cause massive disasters. The sheer neglect of the MRT during Noynoy's term led to huge disasters.

Of course, if Noynoy and Pabaya would fulfill their promise last year or should an angry mob decide to run them over then Noytards may not need to worry. If I were to make a proposal I would have Noynoy have a hero's burial at the Libingan Ng Mga Bayani (LNMB) provided that his body will be near Ferdinand E. Marcos Sr.'s remains. That way, Bongbong Marcos can go there and spit at his grave. Oh, maybe bury Pabaya's body there also so the LNNB can have a bigger garbage bin.