Kung Hei Fat Choi: Mar Roxas As President Could've Triggered Philippines' Defeat Under China In Less Than A Day

I can't forget how I'm glad Mar A. Roxas isn't the current president of the Philippines. Some people right now wish that President Rodrigo R. Duterte weren't president. There are sore losers who claims that only Liberal Party could do a good job. Considering that it's Chinese New Year made me think this over that Mar as president could mean war between Philippines and China. Before you shout Pinoy Pride then here's something you need to think about whether or not the Philippines is ready to beat China. Some idiots may think they're manlier than the Chinese men but in reality they're just cowards. Not that all Filipinos are cowards but sad to say a lot of them have grown to be cowards no thanks to the telebasura culture. That's not a good warfare tactic is it?

Why do I think Mar himself could end up triggering a less than a day war with the Philippines and China? Just looking at how he showed his "diplomacy power" is absolutely stupid. Not that I'm going to condone President Duterte's lack of self-control but it doesn't mean I automatically condone to everything he does. What he did in Tacloban showed that he was a poor diplomat. I can't imagine what if he were president and he decided to do some "peace negotiations" with China and he might go with one reckless comment after the other. Instead of thinking of a common benefit to end the conflict between China and the Philippines he would probably just hurl insults and worse comes to worse - challenge China to an all out war.

If you think everything in China is defective think again. You might want to think everything made in China is defective but many of your products at home were at least assembled in China. There are legitimate working Chinese products. The Chinese military isn't a joke and the Philippines' military is very outdated. If Mar may say, "We can defeat China! After all, all Chinese products are defective!" while saying it on a microphone made in China and using a legitimate speaker made in China. He would probably recklessly lead the nation to war which may not even last a day. He can't even count on it that America would arrive on time considering the distance between China and the Philippines is pretty near. Taiwan and Japan have better governance in dealing with the current conflict with the Red Dragon of Asia. Mar may even reject their governments' help increasing his chances of defeat against China's invasion. 

What may lead to the Philippine Army's defeat would be Mar couldn't even delegate the tasks to his fellow soldiers. This may mean that he'll be the cadet and officer failing to delegate the tasks to soldiers according to their capabilities. He'll try to do all the tasks but can't delegate it in battle. This may result to him becoming the nation's Achilles heel. The Chinese army may not even need to send its full brute force. Maybe before the day ends, the Philippines would be in complete shambles no thanks to Mar. Still want Mar to be president?