It's Stupid To Blame President Rodrigo Duterte For Maxine Medina's Loss!

Here's a picture from the anti-Duterte organization known as "Change Scamming" that seeks to discredit President Rodrigo R. Duterte for the Philippines' loss in the Miss Universe pageant. This raises the question on what does the loss of Maxine Medina and the victory of Pia Alonzo Wurtzbach have to do with the presidents? The answer is nothing at all. Pia Wurtzbach was definitely not a winner thanks to the Liberal Party. It was just timing that got the Philippines to net the Miss Universe crown during Ms. Wurtzbach's time as a candidate. The analysis is stupid because what in the world does the president have to do with the losses or wins of Filipinos who compete in international competitions? 

Based on PNoy Pride logic everything associated with Noynoy and the Liberal Party is good and everything else is bad. Their analysis is faulty because they think everything good that happened in Noynoy's term is because of Noynoy and everything bad happens because of his opposition. The use of the price of gasoline in both terms or the stock market performance is stupid (because one has to look at possible economic factors) but will they listen to an economics expert when he or she speaks?! The prices of gasoline and stocks are dictated by supply and demand. While the president may sometimes be at fault but there are other factors. Not everything is dictated by the president alone and factors like conflict around the world, currency value appreciation or depreciation, and economic situation (which the current president may enjoy a spillover from the last administration) are also involved. Duterte's first 100 days' slight decrease of stock market performance may have some factors like spillover from Noynoy's term or some political situation beyond his control 

Let's try to analyze everything from Noytard logic the other way around to show Noytards how stupid their thinking is. Do you remember the diving mishap during the SEA Games? The mishap happened during Noynoy's term and not during President Duterte's term. Let's just say if a couple of Filipinos won in an international competition during this term and say that the diving mishap is Noynoy's fault (when it's not his fault) and that the wins of Filipino athletes were thanks to President Duterte. Please, don't give me the Gilas won during Noynoy's term because what does Noynoy have to do with Gilas wins or loses or President Duterte have do if Gilas wins or loses? It doesn't take a political science graduate to understand the faulty nature of the analysis. Then again even if a political analyst says the truth but will those Noytards listen