Will Noytards Or PNoy Pridists Please Form Their Own Separate State In Some Uncharted Island/s?

It entered into my mind that maybe it's more than time to tell Noytards to get out of the Philippines and find an uncharted island where they can form their own separate state. They could ask Mrs. Loida Nicolas-Lewis to buy them an island or some uncharted islands, go there and they could go there and form their own separate state. For starters, the symbol of the Philippines is the Filipino flag and not the yellow ribbon. Filipinos may be alternatively called as Pinoys (and I hate the idea of using Pinoy as a negative word) but NEVER as PNoys. Pinoy is just a neutral term and there's a good Pinoy and a bad Pinoy. But the world PNoy should always be associated with words like thief, murderer and crook. The PNoy is the bad Filipino whose loyalty belongs to the Aquinos and not the Filipino

They want a Noynoy monarchy or a Yellow rule forever? They might as well find some uncharted island or a group of islands to be their own state. They might as well go there and call their separate state. I would suggest they name it the PNoypines after their beloved Noynoy. If they think that the Rule of Yellow brings progress then let them prove it by having their own separate state. It would be a challenge for them to actually try to bring an uncharted island or a group of uncharted islands to progress with the 1987 Constitution. That way, they can show the world how the Aquino logic would help any country survive. Let them have a country that's ruled only by Noytards or PNoys. Let's see how long those Yellow idiots can survive in their new nation.

The 1987 Constitution will not bring progress to this nation of Noytards for this reason. One reason why the Philippines has poor economic standing is no thanks to  economic protectionism. For one, I dare the Robleses and the Monsods to prove that first world countries didn't progress by accepting foreign investment. I dare them to get any progress if they have their own nation ruled by the stupidity of the 60/40 rule on foreign investment. I want to them to prove that protectionism works over free trade with their new nation. If they can bring their new nation to first world status then by all means let the Aquinos rule again the Philippines. If not, let them stay in their new nation for all I care. They can enjoy their blunder in their new nation while the Philippines can finally rise up from the shame it was to becoming truly Asia's next miracle like Singapore.

Besides, I'm even wondering what if Mar Roxas became the first chieftain, king or whatever of this new nation of Noytards? If he can't even delegate his work how can be be an effective head of state? When he becomes the head of state of the PNoypines as appointed by former president Noynoy Aquino then let's see how Roxas the first head of state of the PNoypines can run his new country if he can't even delegate his work. Let's see him make the once uncharted island or islands and turn them into Asia's next miracle. It would be a a huge feat if Roxas himself could turn the PNoypines from once a nation of idiots into a nation that the world could be proud of. Let's think if all foreign media will got here and call PNoypines as Asia's truest wonder of wonders.

Let's see how this new island/s nation would work if all their first chieftain would do is continue to blunders of the 1987 Constitution. I wonder would they even begin to build progress in the island if foreign companies can only own 40% and only PNoys can own 100%? Let's see how their island-nation would be if Mar would continue to enforce the stupid economic policies that caused the Philippines to go backward, continue to treat the Aquinos like royalty and continue the stupidity of the Aquino-based constitution. I would want these fools to form their own nation somewhere and show the world that they can be so great and declare how proud they are of their idiocy.

I could also imagine that this new country would be so filled with so much garbage. The 1987 Constitution also caused the nation to become a literal dump. If they love squatters so much then maybe squatters can also be relocated to their new nation. Let's see how their nation will survive with continuous lack of sanitation, continuous lack of peace and order aside from the continuous lack of economic liberalization. Then their nation could end up getting targeted for a nuclear missile anytime soon because it became one huge dump. They can all be obliterated for all I care which gives justice to all the Filipinos who want change for the better. 


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