Did Senator Antonio Trillanes IV Just End Up Spilling The Beans?!

Do you remember Antonio Trillanes IV's failed coup that landed him in jail for a while? The coup was so short-lived that one could go ahead and question his abilities as a leader. That was just an example of how stupid Trillanes is.

This time, GMA-7 News has given a rather interesting take that he wants to have social media trolls held accountable. Here's what it says and read it for yourself:

To protect the public from misinformation, Senator Antonio Trillanes IV has called for a Senate investigation on the proliferation of fake and misleading reports, saying authors and “social media trolls” should be held accountable under the law.

Trillanes filed Senate Resolution No. 259 urging the Senate committee on public information to conduct an inquiry on the proliferation of false, erroneous, distorted, fabricated and/or misleading news and information on social media.

“Instead of being a tool for empowerment, the social media has become a platform for political propaganda, deceit and manipulation, which has been continually abused and misused for the sake of personal or political agenda, at the expense of rational discourse and discussion with the proliferation of the so-called ‘social media trolls,” Trillanes said.

He cited the May 2016 national and local elections, saying social media has “set the tone and topics of political discussion.

The senator said the probe aims to come up with a viable system to hold the authors, distributors and purveyors of such false information accountable under the law.
The resolution describes a social media troll as someone who “deliberately creates and/or foments discord and conflict on social media sites.”

Trillanes said trolls, which can earn up to $2,000 a month, post controversial messages to “provoke emotional responses from other internet users and take the focus away from the rational and meaningful discussion.”

Trillanes also said that trolling creates a “culture of impunity” online because of their foul language and personal attacks like death and rape threats.

“Because of social media trolls, the social media is now being used to create fabricated realities through a network of fake social media accounts intended for trolling and spreading of erroneous and misleading news and information,” he said. —ALG, GMA 

By reading his own words from the news item,  Trillanes or should he be called as Trollanes may have spilled the beans. His statements reveal some things that show what the Liberal Party could be like. His statements could chew him up anytime when he's said that social media was used for personal agenda, that there are trolls and these trolls earn up to $ 2,000 a month where they post to take away the focus. But isn't that also what the PNoy Pridists are doing on the Internet? They may claim that they're not trolling and just there to expose how stupid so and so is but actions speak louder than their claims.

Trollanes could be chewing himself with what he did. Let's face it. There are different types of trolls and PNoys are just a small member of that sub-group. They would start causing trouble by putting pro-Noytard comments, they cause trouble taking focus away from the discussing with the use of red herring arguments to distract from the issue and that trolls may have earned up to that amount of money per month. I don't know if trolls could earn up to that much money as he claims. This may reveal that Loida Nicolas-Lewis' supporters and direct workers are also trolls so it's possible she may be paying them up to $ 2,000.00 a month to do their trolling job.

But if that's true then maybe that's why a lot of trolls exist though some of them just exist to heckle for the sake of heck of it. Some of them think they're the smartest people around while others could be paid. I don't think all of them are paid but one thing's certain they're just there to cause trouble. Some of them enter into cultural change groups just to cause trouble and distract people from relevant issues. While there are trolls who use aliases but some are brave enough to cause trouble with their full identity exposed to show how "brave" they are. Others who make comments in blogging media like Wordpress or Blogger also demand bloggers to "show themselves'" and calling such people as "cowards" while they're commenting as "Anonymous". Also many of these Anonymous commentators use red herrings and not to mention smearing others as a form of distraction.

What Trollanes could be doing might be  a really desperate attempt to make people look like he's innocent. The other possibility is that he's acting stupid all over again which he may become a failed coup leader yet again. It's very easy to say so and so is "very stupid" while in reality the one who's making the accusations is the one. If that's so then Trollanes himself has spilled out portions of the grand master plan of the Empire of Aquino. If he did then maybe we have TrollanesLeaks soon enough. Looks like his days as a political troll are already numbered.

What would be good is that it's time to send him to jail again. This time, it should be jail time to ALL who were guilty of crimes last term with no special treatment. Let them labor under the heat of the sun, no special privileges and that should be a real good start to curb corruption in the government. Looks like Trollanes can have some prison time for a long time with everyone who tried to destablize the Philippines.