PNoy Pride Logic: Tragedies Not During Noynoy's Term Are Always Worse Than Tragedies Under Noynoy's Term!

It's time to examine the mind of the Yellowtards or PNoys to show how illogical they really are. It would be interesting that PNoys would now dare to say that the incident killing Jee Ick Joo is more "nakakahiya" than the whole Manila Hostage Crisis incident. But allow me to point out some differences that happened between the two incidents. Manila Hostage Crisis could have easily been solved but Noynoy took no action while he was nearby. General Bato Dela Rosa melted in shame over the incident. What might need to be pointed out that Alan Impurisima's term as PNP Chief left Bato with a LOT of responsibility to clean up the PNP due to a lot of corrupt cops that need to be kicked out. That's just a few things that I could name. Not to mention did you know that National Geographic featured the whole fiasco called the Manila Hostage Crisis

This is the Noytard logic. With Noynoy all disasters aren't disasters never mind HOW BAD the disaster is. Every disaster under Duterte (or anybody outside the Aquino Empire) should be blamed on them and they're worse than all the disasters that happen under Noynoy's watch. True the crime that involved Jee's death happened at PNP headquarters but don't tell me corrupt cops is an entirely "new thing" just like how extrajudicial killings are suddenly sensationalized during Duterte's term as if they NEVER HAPPENED in Noynoy's or any previous president's terms. Also, who can't forget Agot Isidro's delusions where she even said it's only now she "felt that much traffic"? That statement alone is stupid. A tragedy or bad event may not always be Noynoy's fault but it's still a tragedy regardless who did it. Don't tell me that even if Noynoy commits crimes like that of the late despot Muammar Gaddafi that it's still okay because it's an Aquino and that he should get away with it?

What do you think of PNoys love to play the BLAME GAME? It's because their role model Noynoy (hence why I call them PNoy which should not be confused with PINOY) they just love to blame. Blame Duterte, blame Marcos, blame Gloria, blame whoever you want as long as they're not PNoy. Part of the PNoy culture is the mindset of impunity. Instead of pinning the blame where it belongs I don't think PNoys would want to blame their fellow party member Joseph Emilio A. Pabaya for the MRT deterioration. Instead of taking action they just make a range of excuses to justify their PNoy Pride.

What needs to be said is that no tragedy must be taken lightly. No more, "Pwede pa yan dahil buhay pa kayo!" kind of talk. It's time to take tragedies seriously. I think what happened was beyond PNP Chief Dela Rosa's control. Speaking of PNP will PNoys please explain if they think that Impurisima was innocent even if he was clearly GUILTY of the death of the SAF-44 or don't tell me that wasn't suspended for several cases of corruption? Don't tell me it's much less tragic than what happened under Bato's watch? Both situations are tragedies that must be dealt with!