Who Does Mrs. Loida Nicolas-Lewis Think She Is Anyway?

So there's the LeniLeaks and it looks like that it's real. So what if Leni Robredo was given a Steve Harvey declaration as the winner when Bongbong Marcos might be the real vice president? Right now, it looks like AMERICAN-Filipino idiot Loida Nicolas-Lewis is already acting like she owns the Philippines. She's calling President Rodrigo R. Duterte to resign so Vice President Leni M. Robredo can be the new president of the Philippines. This is really nothing more than her arrogant attitude and her arguments imply that she wants to tell Filipinos that she owns them.

I'll raise the issue that she's an AMERICAN-Filipino yet why is she acting and talking like she owns the Philippines? Did she buy the Philippines for an exact sum and was she even given authorization that says she's the owner of the Philippines? That really sounds utterly preposterous. FILIPINO-Chinese have more ground to talk for or against the president because they're part of the FILIPINO people. It's safe to say that Lewis herself already gave up her being a Filipino citizen. Maybe it's even better to say she's not a Filipino anymore as far as citizenship is concerned. She may consider himself an American-Filipino but not a Filipino. There's a difference. She may have been born Filipino but she's currently American by citizenship and allegiance. An American who migrates to the Philippines can be considered Filipino at the moment of citizenship and allegiance. No, the Philippines belongs to the Filipino people not to Mrs. Lewis.

Is she really acting out of concern for her Filipino relatives or just her self-interests? Is she acting out of concern for the country that raised her before she became an American citizen or is she just after her own self-interests? It looks like that through the Liberal Party or LP - she may soon buy the Philippines as her own personal territory. If that's true that the LP plans to sell Philippines to Mrs. Lewis then they should all be punished for treason and sedition. Treason because they betrayed their country by selling it to Mrs. Lewis. They may also be charged with sedition because they're inciting rebellion against authority. If  and if Vice President Robredo isn't really rightfully installed then the more LP members can be charged with fraud and sedition. The attempt to unseat President Duterte in favor of Leni Robredo may also charge LP with sedition.

Hopefully, more and more Filipinos will ignore this wicked witch who acts like she owns the Philippines for their own good. Just keep her far away from the Philippines as possible for the sake of every decent Filipino. Oh, keep her away from technology too because technological advancement at the hands of people like her is not a good thing.


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