How Can The Philippines Progress If Too Many Filipinos Prioritize Petty Issues Instead Of Real Problems?

Based on this clip from Butthurt Philippines, one can see an illustration where a patient died because the nurse got distracted by something so trivial. I hate to admit it but it seems to be another point in common between many Filipinos and many Americans to focus on petty issues. Let's take for example one petty issue would be like a Star Wars vs. Star Trek fan war or KPop vs. JPop. What I want to tell them is "WALA AKONG PAKI!" to such people. It's not like as if a Star Wars vs. Star Trek (or anything similar) is a big issue or that the whole nation will die if either Star Wars or Star Trek will be shown at the cinema.

It's a problem with many Filipinos to have that Starstruck mindset. The stupid tantrum at the One Direction ticket incident was one proof of how superficial some Filipinos have become. So what if the tickets were sold out or there were no longer VIPs? While it's not inherently wrong to buy a ticket that expensive if you have lots of excess cash, I could afford one but I'd rather take a look at the utility value. What's PHP 18,000.00 for a one our concert compared to if I bought something I could use at home? If I bought a PS4 with it and some games then I could enjoy it better. Those who went to the Henshin Con by JEFusion only spent PHP 2,000.00+ for the VIP tickets with a huge party with meet and greet. That's a bigger return for your money than the One Direction concert. Then again, aren't there more important things in life?

Filipinos need to face is their balat sibuyas mentality. It doesn't matter who talks to them. Let a foreigner criticize they say that this person is a racist. They may start attacking the person instead of the argument. They can tell me "Political analyst wannabe ka lang!" then what's the guarantee that they'll listen to a real political analyst or economist? I don't think they'd even want to listen to people who are smarter than I am because they think they're so smart and everyone who disagrees with them is very stupid. Worse, when a fellow Pinoy criticizes them they may call the person a traitor and may say "Ano? Kinahihiya mo ba ang sariling lahi mo na Pinoy ka? Eh di pumunta ka sa ibang bansa!" In short, it doesn't matter who talks to them even if it's a fellow Filipino. To even go as far as to falsely accuse their fellow Filipino of "kinahihiya ang sariling lahi" is really a stretch. After all, isn't it common to use one's Pinoy identity to enjoy one's blunder.

I believe a lot of conflicts could have been avoided if it wasn't for the balat sibuyas mentality. Maybe that's why a lot of Filipinos tend to watch Kris TV. Do you remember how Kris reacts to criticism? She just lashes out like a teenager with a heavy dose of rage hormones who's had a quarrel with his or her parent. All this sympathy for Kris herself every time she gets into a fight is getting annoying. Kris could have avoided unnecessary conflicts if she weren't balat sibuyas. She's commenting and commenting without understanding the context. Need I mention that a lot of Filipinos have the bad habit of commenting without reading posts properly? When asked to cite specifics they just go mad and start attacking the person instead of the argument, throw red herrings, character assassinations or just anything so they could continue to enjoy their blunder or get even with whoever hurts their ego.

To achieve progress it's important to let go of petty issues. I don't deny that I want to hurt people every now and then due to petty issues but I choose not to. Why should I allow some stupid people with an ego to get the best of me? But what's life without petty issues or a revolution without a struggle? Petty issues usually end up in the dump. That's where they should be. So why make mountains out of anthills when there are real mountains to overcome?