It's Stupid Trying To Open The Jar Of Progress With The Faulty Aquino Constitution

I considered that I would write about opening the jar of progress with the faulty Aquino Constitution as my first post this 2017. Before you comment please consider reading this post properly otherwise, you're just exposing yourself as a think you're so smart but you're so stupid and emotional type of person. Go ahead and write all the angry comments but none of them will be published here so look for some other place where the website is "brave" enough to accommodate your emotional outbursts. There are people who keep saying, "Noynoy is the best president ever! Ipagpatuloy ang Daang Matuwid!" then it's time to consider this sad fact: the PNoy First Policy caused the Philippines to fail. Noynoy had six years to implement more important reforms like the removal of the 60/40 policy but he never did. All the former president did was that he had to rely on sensationalism to make people believe that he's the best president ever. 

It's really irritating how the Aquinotards always consider that there's no need to change the constitution. They have the tendency to think that the 1987 Constitution has no blunder. When I talk to them about the need to do federalism, shift to parliamentary form of governance and encourage foreign investments, I get some scathing remarks like, "You want to welcome foreign invaders because you really hate us Filipinos and want us to get exploited!", "Shut up you're not a political or economic analyst!", "Listen to the Monsods! Federalism will create warlords and perpetuate dynasties." or "What are you? A Marcos loyalist?" just to name a few stupid arguments that they make without knowing the situation. Then again, will they ever listen when people who are more qualified people than I am will speak the needed changes that will benefit the Philippines? It's highly possible that they'll still remain in their blunder by not listening even the more qualified person. So much for attacking the person instead of the substance of the argument!

The 60/40 economic protectionist policy has continued to destroy business competitiveness and employment opportunities

As I mentioned earlier, they often tell me to shut up because I'm not an economist. Just because I'm not an economist doesn't mean I can't state facts or learn something about economics. It doesn't take a doctorate in economics to understand the basics of economics. It doesn't take a genius to understand that first world countries didn't progress by self-industrialization but they progressed by receiving foreign investors while maintaining a healthy competitive environment for everyone. While foreigners will really invade the Philippines if they aren't subjected to the "Do as the Filipinos do" rule but allowing them to invest beyond 40% while subjecting them to fair and just restrictions will definitely regulate competition. For the last time foreign investors are not foreign invaders. In a just and fair competitive environment where free trade is justly monitored only incompetent businesses will eventually die out.

It's all because of stupid "nationalism" that the Overseas Filipino Workers phenomenon is really on the rise for some time. Worse, you've got some Pinoys who think that the OFW phenomenon means that the Philippines is invading other countries. If it were true that the OFW phenomenon meant that the Philippines was taking over the world then think again. The problem of the OFW phenomenon is that these OFWs not only have to be away from their families but also they're subjected to foreign governments. Any violation that OFWs do in other countries will subject them to that country's laws. Foreign countries didn't bow down to the Philippines when they executed guilty OFWs. Where OFWs are they're required to follow the law of that country. It's very different with Pinoys who have a foreigner for a boss who's under Philippine laws. 

Not to mention the Philippines gets plagued with a flood of incompetent businesses no thanks to the the Philippine oligarchy. Those who advocate for a Sariling Atin Only economy are self-contradictory. If they're so nationalistic then they should consider getting out of the Internet. They should also be addressed that they're using stuff born out of foreign influence. If they say they'll only salute local businesses then don't tell me those local businesses aren't using imported equipment? As much as I make purchases from local businesses but I don't deny that they're using imported equipment. Whenever I eat Filipino food in a Filipino restaurant I keep in mind that these establishments use imported equipment.

Removing the anti-squatting law which the late Marcos Sr. implemented caused slums to multiply like crazy

Many people have their pro-squatter mentality all in the name of "human rights" and their ideal welfare state. I've had enough of letting squatters be squatters because they're born squatters. If I'm to start talking about this mentality it's not good for the poor people who work hard to earn a living. I don't see any reason why the less fortunate who work hard for a living should allow squatters to steal their water or electricity. It's not human rights violation to kick squatters out for the sake of people living around them who earn an honest living. 

Why squatters should be considered human rights violators themselves isn't hard to understand. Let's assume you're a poor person who works hard to make ends meet. You finally have a house and everything you need to make ends meet. Don't tell me your right to enjoy the fruits of your labor isn't stolen when squatters start stealing your electricity, water and food? It would be very frustrating isn't it? Unfortunately, the Aquino Constitution tends to reward the lazy and punish the diligent. They tend to have their sense of entitlement that the rich should provide for them. The rich's obligations include treating their employees well but not raising leeches. Worse, they're ruining the livelihood of people by polluting the bodies of water near them. 

It's time to ask one's self  on who would want to invest or would tourists want to be in an area full of squatters? The slum areas are really not the best places to do business nor would they be inviting to tourists because they're dangerous. Just think would you want squatters to stand by near the businesses or if you're a tourist would you want those squatters to start stealing your stuff when you're not looking. That makes squatters bad for any kind of business which in turn will cause the economy of the Philippines to fall down. 

A lousy justice system that grants the power of impunity makes crime higher thus disturbing businesses in the process

Whether it'd be Senator Francis Pangilinan's wrong move of increasing the age of criminal liability to Senator Leila Dilemma's selective justice system where she managed to fool everyone or the Commission on Human Rights' wrong priorities sum up as "THE PHILIPPINE JUSTICE SYSTEM IS F*CKED UP BEYOND BELIEF". As Lee Kwan Yew said that it should be the rights of law abiding citizens that should be prioritized over the rights of criminals. Although criminals do have the right not to be convicted beyond what they committed or the right of a fair trial but there's a line between Etta Rosales and the right to due process. With all the crimes rampant who would want to do business in that area? For me, I would rather do business in a Communist country where free trade and strict law enforcement is done over a democratic country with protectionist policies and loose law enforcement.

The problem behind Senator Dilemma is that many people were fooled. It's only now that her dirt came out. The problem is that many people still want to stand by Dilemma even when her dirt is already out with receiving drug money. Justice Secretary Vitaliano Aguirre Jr. might as well consider covering his ears when Dilemma talks and this time he shouldn't apologize for doing that. The problem is that while Dilemma claimed she's already "cleaned" Bilibid but raids done by both Aguirre Jr. and Ronald "Bato" Dela Rosa proved otherwise. A lot of people including foreign media had no idea that they were all victims of an elaborate scheme. Inconsistent statistics may soon scare people who got misled by Dilemma's Oscar worthy performance. 

The problem is also with the CHR's misguided priorities. Yes, there's the right to due process but the right to Etta Rosales (or recently, the right to Chito Gascon) is a different issue. While a petty thief has the right not to be condemned beyond petty theft but that person has no right to steal. The problem of CHR is that they have chosen to defend the rights of criminals than law abiding citizens. In short, their defense favors the criminals over the law abiding citizen who did an act of self defense to protect one's self or potential victims. So who's rights are CHR really prioritizing anyway? 

Presidential systems continue to encourage popularity contests over credibility contests

The Presidential systems usually encourage incompetence over the parliamentary systems. Whenever I look back to Joseph "Sherap" Ejercito Estrada's impeachment or the time that the late Ferdinand E. Marcos Sr. declared snap election, these things could have been dealt with better with a parliamentary system. Just imagine if Marcos Sr. or Sherap were both hit by a Vote of No Confidence. Marcos Sr. wouldn't only have the late Corazon Aquino to deal with but also other potential candidates to kick him out. Sherap himself wouldn't be succeeded by Gloria Macapagal Arroyo but other more qualified people could have stepped in to take over his place. Noynoy could have been ousted last term without the risk of Jejomar Binay taking over if the Philippines were a parliamentary. Sadly, the presidential system provides no other alternatives but the incumbent vice president for a successor when the president is removed from office.

It also relies more on popularity contests over credibility contests. Just think of how often voters are so stupid to keep voting for actors and athletes instead of economists and lawyers most of the time. When a popularity contest matters more than credibility contests then expect for more stupid people to get into power no thanks to stupid voters. Isn't it any wonder why political dynasties are becoming stronger and stronger? Just think one effect is how the political families have their power perpetuated by popularity contests. It just reminds me of how Bongbong Marcos and Imee Marcos are both voted just because they're Marcoses or how Noynoy Aquino and Bum Aquino are both voted into power just because they're Aquinos. Should I mention there's also the ugly cycle of necropolitics? Expecting Leni Robredo to finish the work of her late husband Jesse Robredo is definitely plain stupid because Leni is Leni and Jesse is Jesse. This also means implementing the system of weighted voting to make sure that credible votes are heavier than non-credible votes. 

The problem also of limiting the head of state's tenure to just six to eight years is that it doesn't give enough room for continued reforms. It's not enough for just six to eight years to implement badly needed economic reforms. The parliamentary system can extend terms for a competent prime minister and effective snap elections against an incompetent one. The Cory Constitution's six year term without an extension failed to make sure competent people get into power. Instead, there's going to be much less consistency and any unfinished reforms are quickly tossed out of the window. 

The Empire of Manila system is just pro-Tagalog and not pro-Pinoy as it claims to be

"The Empire of Manila" is not pro-Pinoy but pro-Tagalog. It's not because Tagalog was declared the national language but because it's more on the ugly fact that the Empire of Manila regards Pinoys who aren't Tagalog as "inferior". Why are Pinoys only Pinoys if they are Tagalogs and are non-Tagalogs not Pinoys? The meaning of the term "Pinoy" is simply another term for Filipino. I don't want to use the term Pinoy as a synonym for bad Filipinos. The whole issue is that why are non-Tagalog Pinoys treated as inferior Pinoys by the Tagalogs. Again, don't tell me everything outside the National Capital Region is a colony of the Philippines rather than a part of the Philippines? They'd rather let a stupid Tagalog sit in power over a non-Tagalog Pinoy who can do the job better.

I guess that's why the Aquinotards want to remain in the Empire of Manila system better called as the Empire of Aquino. They think that all decisions in the Philippines should be done in Manila, everything should pass through Manila never mind that the Imperial Manila system is not beneficial to the capital in the long run. If the Philippines were more decentralized then traffic could be greatly minimized. Instead, a couple of idiots bought the stupid lie that heavy traffic is necessarily a sign of economic progress. If they say traffic is a sign of progress then they should just consider letting their houses get burned because the fire trucks can't pass through or their loved ones dying when something could have been done because the ambulances can't get through.

Worse, the Imperial Manila system means the rest of the Philippines can't be helped on time. This means that resources can't be moved without Imperial Manila's consent even when not everything requires the capital's consent. This kind of system has left a lot of important documents and processes stagnated because Manila itself has been overworked no thanks to the Imperial Manila relies on multitasking than process tasking. If the federal system were created then it would be time to start distributing the wealth more evenly to allow further development of the Philippines.