Many Filipinos May Not Really Understand Obvious Hyperboles

Do you remember the time when Noynoy Aquino said that he and Joseph Pabaya would allow themselves to be run over by a train or the time when President Rodrigo Duterte said he'd ride a jetski to China? I guess this is a problem right now between Dutertards (who put honest-to-goodness Duterte supporters to shame) and Noytards or any "-tards" have. It's the problem that they can't understand hyperbolic statements or hyperbole. A hyperbole is an exaggerated statement that's not meant to be taken literally. Sad to say but many people tend to miss the point that it was just an exaggeration. I guess it's all part of being emotional isn't it?

Let's just face it that maybe just maybe many Filipinos can't understand hyperbole or refuse to understand it. If there's the problem that they're deceived by obvious satirical sites like The Adobo Chronicles, Taho News and So What's News (all claiming to be satires yet so many people forgot to read the OBVIOUS disclaimer) then there may be that problem of them not understanding it was all a hyperbole. If people fed up with Noynoy's incompetence demanded him to get run over by a train never mind it was a hyperbole, you have Noytards who demanded President Duterte to ride his jetski to China never mind it was also a hyperbole.

What makes both statements a hyperbole? Do you think Noynoy and Pabaya would actually let themselves be run over a literal train? Do you think President Duterte will really dare to ride a jetski to China? The answer is obviously no. It's time to really analyze when is a person making a hyperbole or when is a person not making a hyperbole.