How Mar Roxas May Have Responded To Certain Disasters If He Were The Current President Of The Philippines

Since today is the second anniversary of the SAF-44 and due to a series of disasters that happened under President Rodrigo R. Duterte's watch, I decided to write this article on how Mar Roxas would have responded if he were president. The death of Jee Ick Joo at the hands of the Philippine National Police made PNP Chief Bato Dela Rosa melt in shame. In fact, Dela Rosa even thought of resigning to maintain the integrity of the police force even if it wasn't his fault. But let's just think about how Mar Roxas would have responded to the disasters if he were president.

Let's start with the Davao City Bombing Incident. Let's just say that Duterte lost the candidacy to be president and had no choice but to return home to Davao City. I guess what he might do is go to Davao City and do more or less the same tactless remake he made in Tacloban City. Do you remember when he said "Your mayor is a Romualdez and your president is an Aquino."? It was a facedesk moment. He even has the nerve to claim he was the superhero of Tacloban even when evidence suggests otherwise. He would probably say, "Your mayor is a Duterte, I am a Roxas following in the footsteps of Aquino." This may result to Davao City erecting a protest against Mar himself. In short, he will continue raising vendettas against rival parties as if yellow is the only color in the spectrum.

He may treat the death of Jee Ick Joo lightly and tell the family his trademark line in English saying, "You're on your own." or "Bahala na kayo sa buhay niyo!". He may say something like, "Eh Koreano lang yan, hindi kapwa Filipino." or "He's just a Korean and not a fellow Filipino." or "Sa PNP nangyari? Biro yan!" or "It happened in the PNP, that's ridiculous." He might even simply blame any police officer that wasn't hired by the Liberal Party as scapegoats while allowing a corrupt cop to maintain his position. He might have even appointed any corrupt PNP chief officer like Samuel Pagdilao to be the head of PNP. He might even go as far as to accuse rival politicians like Bongbong Marcos for murdering Jee. He might say something like, "Eh yung tatay ni Bongbong ang pumatay kay Ninoy. Huwag tang magtataka na si Bongbong pumatay kay Jee." or"Bongbong's father killed Ninoy so don't be surprised Bongbong killed Jee." That's just a few scenarios that could have happened.

As of the recent SAF-44 re-investigation concerning the Mamasapano Incident he might tell the families, "BAHALA NA KAYO SA BUHAY NIYO! WALA AKONG PAKI!" or "You're on your own. I have nothing to do with it!" when they ask for justice. It wasn't a good thing when 44 families lost their loved ones in pursuit of Marwan. He might add insult to injury by ordering Alan Impurisima's release and awarding him a medal and further using Getulio Napenas as a scapegoat. He might even disrespect Miriam Defensor Santiago's wake because the late Senator was among the front runners of the whole investigation. He might even say, "Buti na lang wala na si Miriam. Tingan mo kinastigo ang bayani na si Purisima." or "Good thing Miriam is dead. Just take a look at how she castigates our beloved hero Purisima." This may be because he might appoint Etta Rosales as justice secretary which may further increase impunity. 

As for the extrajudicial killings he might say, "Si Duterte ang may kasalanan sa lahat!" or "Duterte is entirely at fault." After refusing to help out in the Davao City incident he may even go as far as to pin everything on Duterte. After all, Duterte lost and he won so he would feel that he has the power to blame anyone. With a chief justice like Etta Rosales he may keep raising the issue over and over with little or no evidence. Maybe he might use Edgar Matobobo's bogus statements to further blame all extrajudicial killings on people he hates. He might even also blame Bongbong yet again for the extrajudicial killing saying that the father and the son are entirely alike. 

After all, doesn't he treat terrible incidents as if they're a very light thing? Aren't you glad that he didn't win the presidency. If he did, the Filipino would be further downgraded. It's a good thing that Filipinos are now starting to see the credit grabber that he is. As for him, it's best to fire back his statement at him because he's just a clown who would just drag down the Philippines. Who knows war between the Philippines and China will really break out if he were president. It would be a war that won't last even for a day. Aren't you glad he lost the presidential race?