Mamasapano Incident Could've Been Avoided Only If Former PNP General Alan Impurisima Just Followed Simple Guidelines

Today is the 2nd anniversary of the Mamasapano Clash. The case shouldn't be declared closed and I'm afraid that many cases in the Philippines are still unresolved due to a weak justice system. Among these cases involve the late Ninoy Aquino's assassination (which Bongbong Marcos is willing to continue its investigation), the Vizconde Massacre (which Justice Secretary Vitaliano Aguirre II should try his best to also resolve it) and right now, the Mamasapano massacre is a pending case. Let's take a look at the whole problem with one person: resigned PNP Chief Alan La Madrid Impurisima. Just because the late Miriam Defensor Santiago had already died doesn't mean that the case should be declared over.

The incident could have been avoided if Noynoy Aquino and Impurisima chose to follow simple guidelines. If you remember the late Senator Santiago berated Impurisima for violating the terms of his preventive suspension. Let's say I'm a high ranking official and I got suspended for receiving bribe money or for beating up a suspect. Do I show up for work when I'm suspended? I don't show up for work because I'm temporarily out of my duties. I have to sit there in my house quietly and not do anything for the meantime. Even giving "advice and not an order" is already a violation of my preventive suspension. Worse, Impurisima was already talking nonsense when he said he didn't delegate the accountability but only the responsibility.

In short, there's really no excuse not to follow simple guidelines. A lot of tragedies could've been avoided or lessened if people followed simple guidelines. Would have Impurisima stayed in his estate in Nueva Ecija and would have he not intervened then maybe the SAF-44 would have been all alive or mostly alive. Instead, his not following simple guidelines led to a massive tragedy that could've been prevented would have he have just followed simple guidelines.