Those Annoying PNoys Just Love To Play The Blame Game

PNoys are indeed a constant source of trouble for every law abiding Pinoy who wants to see the Philippines improve, aren't they? The PNoy Mindset is that like former President Noynoy who was also called PNoy during his term (and I use that term to describe Filipinos whose loyalty is towards the Empire of Aquino) is the prevalence of the blame game. Since their mindset is PNoy First then it's only natural that these idiots think that everything Noynoy does is good and everyone else is bad. It's just like how that idiot Loida Nicolas-Lewis believes that only the clown Mar A. Roxas and Leni M. Robredo are capable of running the country. What's Mrs. Lewis going to say next? Kris Aquino should be president? Please Mrs. Lewis just shut up because you don't own the Philippines!

The PNoy Mindset also focuses on continuing the BLAME GAME. Blame Gloria, blame Marcos, blame whoever is convenient whenever, wherever for the expansion of the Empire of Aquino. When President Rodrigo R. Duterte sat into power where's the blame game going? It's now blaming President Duterte for almost EVERYTHING that happens. Senator Leila "Liar" Dilemma now wants to blame all extrajudicial killings on President Duterte and wants to blame him too in the case something bad happens to her. I guess if Senator Dilemma died of sickness she'd still want Duterte blamed for her sickness even if he's got nothing to do with it. PNoys want to blame everything wrong on other people but their beloved Liberal Party members. For them everything Yellow is good and everything else is bad. For them Noynoy and his friends can do no wrong and nothing else must be listened to but what the Liberal Party has to say.

The PNoy Mindset's adherence to the blame game is also a result of how the blame game is a common problem in the Philippines. You have bad Filipinos who practice it like when they blamed China for the increase of drug activity in the Philippines without knowing the reality. You have the blame game where there's the tendency to blame others for one's losses. Some ultranationalist Filipinos even blame foreigners for everything wrong in the Philippines. They just love to blame and blame and if somebody needs to be blamed they just blame out of biases rather than the truth. What do you expect for people who don't want to be accountable for their actions?