Does Mar Roxas Realize That Economic Liberalization Is Necessary To Create More Jobs For Filipinos?

What made me go HUH with Mar Roxas is that he thinks he can create jobs without changing any flaws of the 1987 Constitution. Does he think he can create jobs with such lousy economic policies upheld by people like the Monsod couple? I'm sorry to say but the whole idea that "only foreigners will get rich with free trade" has to go. If Christian and Winnie Monsod aren't stupid (in spite of their outstanding academic records) then they're scheming (because they know the truth and use it to the advantage of the Aquino Empire). 

Let's just take a look at how Mar was during his time as Erap's Department of Trade and Industry secretary to how he severely flip-flopped during his term under Noynoy. At first he said that removing 60/40 should be done to allow more foreign investors to create jobs for more Filipinos. But after his time during Noynoy he thinks that removing certain anti-Foreign Direct Investment restrictions is not a priority and it's not a stumbling block. Does this guy know what he's talking about and how his flip-flop is a dangerous thing? He doesn't realize how much suffering his view can cause to any country.

What he needs is to find out is the big difference between Maoist China and Dengist China. Maoist economic policies brought China to poverty while it was free trade that brought the Communist state out of its impoverished days. If he can't figure it out then he needs to go on a vacation to both North Korea and South Korea and make an unbiased comparison. Then again he might pervert the truth and say that North Korea is free trade and South Korea is protectionist when the evidence suggests otherwise.

What he may have failed to see is how Foreign Direct Investors actually work in two ways. It weeds out the incompetent and sets the competent. Small businesses may benefit from foreign direct investors in availing of competent services or an increase in customers. One good example is how general merchandise may expand. Let's just say that foreign investors want to use locally available resources to help them so they don't have to rely too much on imports. Small businesses may enter and become their suppliers. Let's say that small businesses involved in raw materials can benefit if there were more customers. Foreign investors may become their frequent customers to the point that these small businesses may expand instead of collapsing as a result of free trade.

Right now, the fight for economic liberalization may also mean depowering the Aquino Empire through every ethical means necessary. Senator Richard Gordon's pulling out the Liberal Party's power out of the Senate is a good move. Don't let anyone in the Liberal Party take power anymore and be in favor of political parties who support economic liberalization.