Don't Let Noynoy Aquino Get Away With His Involvement With The SAF-44 Mishap

Justice Secretary Vitaliano N. Aguirre Jr. talked more about the SAF-44 in recent interviews. As much as I fumed over what happened last 2012 but in due fairness he was well-behaved during the SAF-44 hearing. He served as Getulio Napunas' lawyer during the SAF-44. The late Miriam Defensor Santiago grilled Napenas over one issue: he's also a failure but he shouldn't take all the blame. Worse, Noynoy thinks that he's clean of the SAF-44 case but evidence now suggests otherwise. 

Not Noynoy's fault? Let me ask you this question. Even if I'm not a police officer or political analyst but it's obvious that Noynoy broke the chain of command. Noynoy telling Impurisima to intervene during the Mamasapano encounter was a violation of simple guidelines. Impurisima was under preventive suspension so why did Noynoy send him? When the whole blame for the failure should also pin Impurisima (who already voluntarily surrendered) because as the late Miriam said that SAF-44 would have been alive would have not the former intervened. Just the mere fact that Noynoy sent Impurisima to intervene while the latter was under preventive suspension is a violation of the chain of command. Please, don't give me any more Purisimese talk because it's not going to help!

Although Napenas isn't clean from the operations either but he admitted that the police force were left in the middle. Justice Secretary Aguirre was there during the SAF-44 hearing and that he actually desires to give them justice. Leaving the Liberal Party was in fact one of the best things he did. Maybe, just maybe he was paid by the Liberal Party to heckle the late Miriam during the Renato Corona impeachment trial. At first, he didn't regret his actions of covering his ears in silent protest but later he ended up regretting not patching things up. But in a way he did patch things up with her by being at his best behavior during the SAF-44 trial. I guess he finally found out a lot of dirty stuff that were hidden from him especially Leila Dilemma's facade. Leaving the Liberal Party with Panfilo Lacson was in fact a wise decision on his part. 

Noynoy shouldn't be allowed to get away with his excuses. Besides what does he do but play the Blame Game. Hopefully, Impurisima will testify to what happened and not speak in Purisimese during the continued trial seeking justice for the 44 slain soldiers. He can go ahead and keep playing the blame game but he can't continue blaming others forever for his misdeeds.