Leila Dilemma's Arrest Might Be Linked With Acts Of Sedition #LabanLeila

Leila Dilemma's arrest today may be where she said she's supposedly proud of being arrested for standing up against President Rodrigo R. Duterte. It's so annoying how there are still PNoys out there who have #OneForLeila and #LabanLeila among a few hashtags used in their campaign. But what many may refuse to accept with what she did is making up falsified evidence in her seditious attempt to unseat the current president. 

The whole "Duterte Death Squad" accusation is nothing more than full of inconsistent and nonsense stories. The testimony of Edgar Matobobo is full of inconsistencies seeking to impeach President Duterte through unjust means. If that doesn't work she's also gone as far as to call the Philippine National Police under President Duterte a criminal organization. All the accusations that she did should be charged with sedition. Sedition is defined as conduct or speech that wants to lead others to commit rebellion against the State. What she did is an act of sedition by presenting one fake story after the other against the president.

Her statement that President Duterte and Justice Secretary Vitaliano N. Aguirre Jr. just "made up" stories against her is pretty much a "LOOK WHO'S TALKING" scenario! Didn't she produce a lot of fake evidence using inconsistent nonsense stories with the likes of Matobobo and others who claim they were supposedly part of some extrajudicial killings done by President Duterte back when he used to be mayor of Davao City? All these fake evidences she made are already enough to charge her with acts of sedition and arresting her is very much appropriate.