Senator Leila Dilemma Is A Very Good Example Of What's Wrong With Filipino Society #OneForLeila

It's time to commend Justice Secretary Vitaliano Aguirre Jr. and Senator Richard Gordon for now toppling Senator Leila Dilemma. Although the process was long but a lot of evidence has been mounting against Dilemma herself that had led to her arrest. Maybe Justice Secretary Aguirre and company should pose in public covering their ears while Senator Dilemma talks all her nonsense during her arrest. Just because she's a senator doesn't mean she she's immune from arrest. All she did was to put manufactured evidence against President Rodrigo R. Duterte while accusing the latter of doing the same against her. It's the Filipino trait of calling the kettle black. Right now, let's just discuss of how Dilemma herself is a picture of what's wrong with Filipino society.

What makes it annoying for me to listen to Dilemma herself is that she speaks a lot of nonsense. The Justice Secretary could allow himself to be caught on camera covering his ears while Dilemma speaks nonsense during her arrest. Although the act merited him the late Miriam Defensor Santiago's ire but today he really needs to do those gestures again to where it needs to be done. He needs to make it a message not to listen to the the nonsense of Dilemma and her friends. After getting Dilemma locked up he should also concentrate on giving justice towards the SAF-44 families. If there's any reason why his mind may still be stuck on the events of February 10, 2015 it might only because of Alan Impurisima's nonsense rants (ex. saying he only gave an advice and not an order) but also because of all the details Getulio Napenas gave out during the Mama Si Papa Napaano hearing. 

She thought she could abuse her power as a Senator. It's also a problem how many Filipinos tend to abuse whatever position is given to them. It reminded me of how some authority figures choose to use their positions as privileges instead of duties to perform. Just take a look at how some people think that just because they're in power or are friends with someone in power that they can do what they want. You have traffic enforcers who act like they're king of the road. You have policemen who think that they can break traffic rules. You have people given a certain portion of power who act like they own the Philippines. What she did to President Duterte showed that she was an employee more arrogant than her employer. She not only tried to manufacture false evidence but she also acted like as if she ran the whole show. 

Dilemma was playing the victim the whole time during the Senate investigation to see whether or not she was guilty. She appealed to her womanhood and called herself a "political prisoner". This is another scenario of calling the kettle black because Noynoy did the same thing to his enemies. From blaming Gloria Macapagal Arroyo to blaming Bongbong Marcos don't tell me that wasn't political persecution? With her appealing to womanhood it's already a very common thing for certain women to do to escape responsibility. What's with the "equal rights" then? So don't tell me when a woman hits a man she's not right and only when a man hits a woman then it's wrong? An act of violence is an act of violence no matter who does it. She always played the victim thinking she's never wrong because she's always the victim. Isn't that also what a lot of Filipinos love to do when it comes to fellow Filipinos who are about to get their just desserts for breaking the law abroad? Or don't they just love to wrongly call other people as racist towards Filipinos to enjoy their blunder?

A lot of Filipinos need to get rid of the Dilemma in them. Even with Dilemma behind bars but the problem is the Dilemma in Filipinos and she's merely a microcosm of what's wrong with Filipino society. They need to treat whatever privileges they have with responsibility and stop playing the victim. People like her are a reason why the nation doesn't progress. Hopefully, her arrest will also help Filipinos see that enough is enough... TAMA NA! SOBRA NA!