Serious (But Not Abusive) Military Training Needs To Be Done In The Philippines

It's just amazing how Korean actor Lee Seunggi who's about to complete his services by October has become "a beast". Here's something that I find has proven South Korean men to be more manly than what many Filipino men think themselves to be. Here's what Shindong of Super Junior says according to AllKPop:

Lee Seung Gi transformed into a beast once he entered the military. He would run shirtless 5 to 10 kilometers (3 to 6 miles) every morning... He works out like crazy.

After reading that, I suddenly want to think about sending a lot of the whiny Filipino celebrities whether it's ABiaS-CBN or GMA-7 to the military. It could be nice to see the likes of Daniel Padilla get forced to do military training for 22-24 months. It's time to stop listening to the B.S. Rappler or should it be called as CRAPPLER about President Rodrigo R. Duterte's plan to restore military training. I'm already tired how pro-Aquino media has sissified many Filipinos for many years. It's a good thing that some Filipinos manned up and are actually doing what they can to save the country. 

What might be a huge problem is that many Filipino men think they're so manly compared to their Asian neighbors. Many of them act tough but are just sissified especially among the millennials. They're just a group of pretending to be tough but end up to be real cowards while calling others cowards. It also isn't helping that they have a false sense of confidence that they're ready for any invasion. If the country's military can't even deal with its own problems then how can it be ready for an invasion? It's a good thing that Mar Roxas didn't win the presidency otherwise the Philippines may no longer exist even before his first 100 days in office are over. 

What many fail to see is that developed countries not only progressed through free trade but also value military training for its people. All fit males are required to do mandatory military services in countries like South Korea, Singapore, Japan and Taiwan to name a few. Why do I now wish to return military services after I so opposed it? The problem of a severe lack of discipline among the Filipino youth of today. You can see how many Filipinos continue to irritate decent Filipinos by not following simple guidelines... whether it'd be the fellow employee, the subordinate or even the boss. People who are fond of not following simple guidelines is one huge reason why the Philippines hardly progresses.

This also means implementing strict laws against abuses in military training. Instead, they should model how military training is done from developed Asian countries. Appointed officers who are caught accepting bribes or beating up their subordinates should be expelled from duty or even jailed if need be depending on the severity of the offense. Defiance to authority will not be taken lightly either. We don't want Filipinos who will end up like Alan Purisima and the incompetent police officers under his watch. We want Filipinos who are toughened up. We want Filipinos who are ready to face the challenges of life. It's ironic how the Philippines is a developing country but most of its people aren't tough. Instead, even the poor have a carefree mentality that keeps them poor. Meanwhile, poor people in developed countries may be striving to get out of poverty with all the opportunities open to them.

If military training were made mandatory for Filipino men then just think of how Filipinos would start to see a different things in light. This is all part of balancing progress. It would do no good to promote economic liberalization if Filipinos will just get sissified as a result. Many Filipinos need to STOP looking up to Murica even if this is not a call to be anti-American. Instead, this is all part of the plan that the Philippines should go from international parasitism to international mutualism. With Filipino men who are truly disciplined then we can make it more fun in the Philippines.