Remembering The Super Epal, Self-Contradictory APO Singer Jim Paredes

I remembered how there was the show on ABiaS-CBN and the 'Sang Linggo nAPO Sila show. Right now, he's shown how much of a bully he can be with how he not only made biased accusations towards President Rodrigo R. Duterte but he's also shown how much he should be renamed as "Jim Parada". He's always parading his nonsense. Before that, I could try and show the hypocrisy of this guy with one song I never knew existed. This is one guy that I hated watching even as a child but in my case, I was just pursuing that American dream until I realized that the problem isn't being Filipino but the kind of Filipino that puts the Philippines to shame.

Just listening to this stupid song makes my blood boil. So he hates the United States but let's face it the song "American Junk" is written in English (but in Carabao English). It was recorded using imported equipment and couldn't be broadcast without them. So why isn't he singing it in Tagalog or better in Baybayin? Why isn't he wearing a bahag in this video? Just listening to this stupid song makes me think this kind of nationalism is self-contradictory. He's doing this video pretending like he doesn't use stuff born out of foreign influence

It just reminds me of how people like him are actually one of the reasons why the Philippines doesn't move forward. Let's face it the lyrics of the song also signs mediocrity especially with these words at the beginning:

Leave me alone to my third world devices
I don’t need your technology
You just want my natural resources
And then you leave me poor and in misery
Third world blues is what I got
Troubles, yes I got a lot

So he's content with third world devices never mind that they would be so bad for his health. He doesn't need the American technology? Then why is he singing with a microphone which is not a Filipino invention? It also shows his paranoia against foreigners. For the nth time foreign investors are not foreign invaders. The song's really so stupid because if he hates the U.S. so much what is he still doing on American-made social media? If he's so anti-American he should just leave the Internet and everything Americans made. 

Worse, he contradicted himself when he became an Australian last 2006 and "gave up hope" on the Philippines. So if he's given up hope so why's he back causing trouble? He could be charged with sedition with the accusations he's just made about President Duterte. I think he should be among those who can be considered for persona non grata since he's already an Australian citizen. He can't use his Pinoy identity to go against it. It's just like if a Filipino-Chinese were declared persona non-grata in China then that person can't appeal to one's Chinese ancestry to contest it.