Paredes Minded People Also Contribute To Why The Philippines Hardly Progresses

I can't deny that some Noynoy supporters aren't like Jim Paredes in defending their stand and I give them that. But it's a problem when there are the Noytards, Dutertards, Marcostards, etc. because they suffer from Paredes' ego. Just think about how Paredes had displayed his arrogance during People Power. He said that all colors are welcome so why is he heckling the small Duterte supporters in the area? If he's so brave with his group go to where there are more Duterte supporters to confront and have a fair fight?

Paredes is a good example with what a lot of Filipinos need to change about themselves. They're overly opinionated and arrogant while accusing their opponents of doing the same. It's already been a problem among many Filipinos to be insensitive towards others but are too sensitive about themselves. That's the problem that Paredes showed. He was insensitive towards the Duterte youths but got mad when he was fired back. Many Filipinos today tend to laugh at others but get mad when others laugh at them. They're quick to find faults in others but get mad when it bounces back at them.

Just think how often is it that many Filipinos tend to miss the point because they don't bother reading anything properly. Ask them for specifics and they just get angry. They feel they don't need to read the post or to give specifics because they think they're always right because they're the victim. That kind of problem causes division among Filipinos. After all in their minds any Filipino who corrects their action is "ashamed to being Filipino" and if it's a foreigner then that person is automatically racist. Worse, they troll almost everywhere as "Anonymous" while demanding netizens to give up their privacy to them while they're Anonymous. A lot of these "Anonymous" may suffer from the Paredes minded syndrome.

Worse, they can be such control freaks. They tend to act like they own the Internet or or a certain fandom even when they don't. Just take an argument where it goes from one simple topic but it ends up with a lot of red herrings. Instead of sticking to the topic they can go as far as to say whatever stupid stuff they could to distract from the conversation. What's even worse is that it doesn't only stay to politics but also to the most unnecessary stuff. It could go as far as that what should have been a friendly talk about entertainment ends up as a series of childish arguments. They think that everyone should conform to their tastes and if not they start calling bad names towards each other. It's like how Filipino JPop fanatics and Filipino KPop fanatics force their preferences like "JPop is better!" or "KPop is better!" never mind both sides have their pros and cons. But for Paredes-minded people only their opinions and preferences are the only things that count. Everyone else is wrong and only they (or their kind) are right.

It's no wonder why the Philippines is divided. The Liberal Party should get disbanded if they continue to reject necessary reforms but others can stoop towards the same level. Besides, nobody should ever accept the plan for a Federal-Parliamentary-Free Trade Philippines without knowing why it's good for Filipinos. Nobody should reject the 1987 Constitution outright without seeing the defects that need to be corrected and the good that needs to stay. No, Filipinos should not be forced to accept reforms at coercion as educating them and showing them what's really going on should be the way. The Philippines is for Filipinos not just Tagalogs, Visayas and other types of Filipinos. If more Filipinos stop being a Paredes then they can certainly work to make it more fun in the Philippines.


  1. A lot of people actually. I think it's misleading to single out Mr. Paredes, as these previous weeks a lot has been happening. The justice secretary, for example.

    1. The reason why I'm using Paredes as an example is because he's a microcosm of what's wrong with society. Of course there's a lot of happenings and not just him but I just felt like heckling him for his misbehavior.


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