Leila's Dilemma With Her Unsubstantiated Claims About The Philippine National Police Under President Duterte

Picture taken from Duterteism

I don't blame a lot of Filipinos who were misled by Leila Dilemma's acting skills. I didn't realize she was really a dirty person until late in Noynoy Aquino's term. Some people may just be thinking that she's just framed up. But now, it seems that her true colors have shown up at another level. She has revealed how her playacting is no longer effective. Like every cunning villain she's now decided to show her true colors after she's run out of alternatives. 

Here's Leila Dilemma's dilemma. She has called the PNP a criminal organization under the current president. But she has a lot to answer for with a lot of crimes that were uncovered. Whether it'd be Alan Impurisma's bribery cases to PNP Director Joel Pagdilao. Whether or not the late Jesse Robredo did investigate Pagdilao is still unknown. But it seems to be that it happened considering that the late Mr. Robredo himself was pretty much a crime buster. Why would the Liberal Party not want the death of Mr. Robredo investigated? Accident or not it has to be investigated as part of protocol.

Picture by Sass Rogando Sasot

It's stupid how Senator Dilemma claims that the summary executions are supposedly state sponsored but she has no proof at this point. Is this hinting that she's going to manufacture evidence? You might as well call her from Leila De Lima to Liar Dilemma. Her Dilemma right now is where is her proof that the extrajudicial killings or summary executions are state sponsored? Even she admits there's no evidence. This is quite different than her archenemy Justice Secretary Vitaliano N. Aguirre Jr. who mentioned that while there's testimonial evidence (which Dilemma may be afraid of) yet he has no complete documentary evidence yet. But what's Senator Dilemma doing? Using fake witnesses like Edgar Matobobo. Justice Secretary Aguirre has testimonials which he says may not be concrete. Who's dirty now? If Aguirre has his dirt then Dilemma's got a lot more dirt than her archenemy.

It's just unfair for PNoy Pridists to demand Bato Dela Rosa to resign for Jee Ick Joo's death while they haven't demanded the resignation of many corrupt police officers during Noynoy's term. What's probably needed right now is that Bato and Justice Secretary Aguirre should also start spilling all the corrupt cops they've found. While I agree with Senator Panfilo Lacson's statement that using military to do the task could be dangerous but he still supports the raid nonetheless. Right now, Bato's decision to resign (which was rejected) was something that most police chief didn't have. Hopefully, Alan Impurisima who surrendered himself to the police will reveal more of what happened last term. 

I guess it's time for Justice Secretary Aguirre to repeat the same act. While it was commendable of him not to repeat the same act during the time he served as Getulio Napenas' lawyer. But this time, I think he should repeat the same act. I feel like doing the same act whenever Senator Dilemma is talking.