Leila's Dilemma Is That Many Want Her Arrested #SupportLeilaDeLima

This picture really amuses me with this irony. Leila Dilemma won the senatorial bid with 13,793,947 voters but she also lost their support. Democracy placed her in power but also supported her arrest. What an ironic twist of fate that some of those who voted for her would eventually turn against her. 

Last year was indeed a stormy year. I could agree with her call for check and balance but she also committed several acts of sedition against the president. Her usage of the so-called Duterte Death Squad and accusing President Rodrigo Duterte with fake evidence is an act of sedition. What she did was a violation of the democratic process of due process. So where's the Dilemma that dared them to arrest her right there and then? She ended up crying with fake tears and later waved her hand like a celebrity as she was arrested. Wow, her face is so thick while her skin is so thin! 

Was the whole "Walk For Life" really a walk for life or a "Walk For Leila Dilemma"? It was more of walk for Leila. Where was any walk for life for the victims of SAF-44 or the Yolanda victims or the Chinese tourists that were massacred by the late Rolando Mendoza? I don't see it and those supporters of the Liberal Party only do any walk for life when it comes to saving their asses. Whose blood are they trying to avenge? Innocent victims of crime or criminals? They'll probably even try to play the role of the "oppressed minority" as their numbers are already dwindling. So how is their plan for "people power" anyway?

It's probably best to tell Leila, "You wanted democracy and majority wins Leila? You got it! It placed you in power now it got you arrested!"