Yes! We Must Remember The EDSA Revolution!

Yes! We must remember EDSA but not in the way that the Liberal Party wants us to remember it. As much as I still think burying the late Ferdinand E. Marcos Sr. in the Libingan Ng Mga Bayani is a mistake but it doesn't mean I support the Aquino Clan's stupidity either. The cycle of the Aquinos and the Liberal Party also involves necropolitics. Ninoy died and Cory became president. Cory died and Noynoy became president. Jesse Robredo died and his widow Leni Robredo ran using her husband's death as part of the campaign. That's why I think that when Noynoy dies then Kris Aquino or her eldest son Joshua A. Salvador may become president someday.

What must be remember about the EDSA Revolution and its aftermath? It's a vicious cycle of replacing one ineffective system after the other. Maybe, just maybe Loida Nicolas-Lewis herself has been a monarch maker all along. She was part of the whole EDSA revolution that dethroned the late Marcos Sr. and now she insists that President Rodrigo R. Duterte must resign. Was Marcos really such a bad guy? I think so but it doesn't make the Aquinos as the saviors of democracy either. What the Aquinos did was to remove the good and increase the evil of what Marcos did. By removing the anti-squatting law and continuing the rule of 60/40 all as part of the Aquino constitution they have made the country even worse.

The effects of the Aquino constitution are devastating to the Filipino people. From 1987 up to present the Philippines has been left behind by its other ASEAN countries because of its stupid policies. It has continued to cater to the balat-sibuyas culture of Filipinos and their a great failure to understand basic economics. The result is that many Filipinos end up having to look for jobs abroad. Instead of making the Philippines independent as it claims it has become more dependent. The situation has made Filipinos dependent on other countries for employment rather than serve either local or foreign bosses under Filipino law. It also also created a big environment for impunity such as the creation of the Commission on Human Rights. By providing laws that defend impunity then the Philippines becomes a dysfunctional nation.

What's worse is that you've got idiots like Raissa Robles who still want to sensationalize President Duterte's policies as "dictatorial". Assigning curfews for teenagers isn't dictatorial nor detrimental to democracy. Having laws that penalize people to a certain extent for not following simple guidelines is certainly not a draconian way to go. If people are made to pay justifiable fines for simple offenses like jaywalking, parking in no parking areas or littering then that's fine. It's not like as if ever offense should be declared a criminal offense. It's really a problem when many Filipinos tend to confuse authoritative rule with authoritarian rule. Disciplinary rules are not a threat toward democracy. Instead, having disciplinary rules over people make democracy effective.

Indeed, EDSA should still be remembered in the minds of Filipinos but not because of the good it did. Instead, EDSA should be remembered to how bad it turned out to be. Instead of fixing the problems of the Marcos years it chose to replace one dysfunctional system after the other. Still want to think EDSA was really a good thing? Think again on whether or not if the country ever really progressed as it should from 1987 up to present!