Many Filipinos Tend To Turn Anthills Into Mountains

Do you remember the incident that happened with Justice Secretary Vitaliano Aguirre Jr. during the Corona Impeachment Trial? What Justice Secretary Aguirre did was wrong but the Senate made a mountain out of an anthill. When Senator Jinggoy Estrada admonished him why wasn't Justice Secretary Aguirre just made to move out of the room immediately? If he were just asked to move out immediately and the Senate decided to admonish him THE NEXT DAY the problem could have been solved. Instead, they decided to sensationalize what was an act of jaywalking in the Senate. A slap on Justice Secretary Aguirre's wrist was more than enough as punishment for what the Justice Secretary did during the late Senator Santiago's tirade. It's not like as if he actually did something that could have harmed someone's well-being like the Jetblue Flight Incident.

What happened in the Senate was also a picture of what's wrong with Filipino society. The situation shows that many Filipinos are too focused on trivial issues over what really matters. Justice Secretary Aguirre's offense was a minor act of disrespect that could have just been easily dealt with. Instead, they all chose to dwell on it and wasted much time. Just think of how so many conflicts in the Philippines escalate because of Filipinos who may claim to be more manly than other nationalities (or their fellow Filipinos) but are just a group of onion-skinned crybabies. They get too easily offended and start looking for fights all because of trivial matters like petty insults and disagreements. Some of these disagreements may be as stupid as Star Wars vs. Star Trek, KPop vs. JPop vs. CPop or Eastern vs. Western entertainment. Seriously just how important is it to bash one and choose another in those situations that I have just given?

This has also led to the attitude of "I'd rather kill myself if I have to follow rules." mentality. It's very common for many Filipinos to get whiny whenever new guidelines for discipline are made even by their fellow Filipinos. They act like as if discipline is a foreign concept as if Filipino culture doesn't have foreign influence or they're not using stuff born out of foreign influence. They think that all these simple guidelines like not throwing garbage anywhere, not smoking in no smoking areas, following simple traffic rules and the like are too much of a burden when they're not. Isn't it any wonder why the Philippines hardly progresses?

Right now, Justice Secretary Aguirre's mind may still be stuck on the events of February 29, 2012 with the whole unnecessary hurdle the Senate caused. He should focus on things that matter in order to meet his objectives such as giving justice to the families of the SAF-44 who died during the Mama Si Papa Napaano clash. He should think about setting his priorities straight to avoid any unnecessary delay like the Corona Impeachment Trial incident. Instead, he should focus on the real issues because he's got one giant mountain to deal with right now namely Senator Liar Dilemma.