Yes, Kris Aquino Should Get A New Timeslot!

As part of the whole anti-corruption drive it would be best to also imprison one one of the Liberal Party's biggest attack dogs namely Kris Aquino. Before you say that it's unfair or harsh let me share why I think she should be jailed as well. 

It just reminded me of the OH SO HYPOCRISY of Senator Liar Dilemma. She says that re-opening the Mamasapano was just a diversion. It's not a small matter. I don't care if none of my loved ones were massacred in that incident. This isn't about me. It's about the SAF-44 and the Filipino people that I'm raising my voice right now. Senator Dilemma has shown her true colors that she's not really an enemy of druglords as she's claimed. Many news media were deceived by her good theatrics but now the truth is coming out to what kind of person she is.

The whole issue is that Kris has been a bulldog of the Liberal Party. During Noynoy's term, Kris TV has been used as a weapon of mass distraction. It's sad but true that many Filipinos got too distracted with every little detail of her life like her rocky relationships with various men, Bimby Aquino Yap getting bitten by a dog or just everything about her. I suspect that these get highlighted to distract Filipinos from important issues like Noynoy's refusal to apologize for the Manila Hostage Crisis incident, the Yolanda relief operation fiasco or the SAF-44 disaster. Which is more important? Details of her private life or the Filipino people? I would also blame her why so many people who badly needed justice aren't getting it. She's becoming the first priority and she loves it.

I would also accuse her of helping spread anti-intellectualism that kept Filipinos stupid ever since the day she had her stupid shows on ABiaS-CBN. This has kept the Philippines backwards for decades and Filipinos have lost interest in improving the nation. It's almost like the situation where Philosopher Tasio of Noli Me Tangere was upset at how his people focused on spending their money on fiestas than the badly needed lightning rods. It's a good thing some Filipinos are seeing Kris for being the evil bitch that she is but they've had to suffer for decades. Her decades of spreading her venom of stupidity should be considered a major crime against the Filipino people. Just think how much progress was destroyed no thanks to her stupidity.

You may be angry or claim that I'm just jealous of her. The problem is that many Filipinos tend to play the jealousy card even when the person is just expressing the badly needed truth. They're just like IR Baboon who played the jealousy card in IM Weasel when the latter gave him advice on what not to do. What I can say is Kris should go to jail for helping distract Filipinos from what really matters. That should be considered a serious crime against the well-being of the Filipino people.