Do You Want To Commit Suicide Rather Than Correct The 1987 Constitution?

I used to admire Hilario Davide a lot back when I was a College student until I realized that the 1987 Constitution is faulty. Just hearing him say that that he'd be willing to die for the faulty constitution is such a headache. It makes me want to say, "Want to commit suicide than correct the 1987 Constitution? Go ahead be my guest!" It might be very beneficial for the Philippines if all the PNoys would commit suicide than give up their PNoy Pride.

Why am I saying that I don't care if these people would rather commit suicide rather than correct the constitution? It's because that these people are just making the Philippines even worse. Stupid policies like the presidential system that runs on winnability over credibility, the Imperial Manila system and economic protectionism contribute to an ever failing Philippines. Don't give me the whole idea that, "But it's more fun in the Philippines." I'm afraid that David Guerrero's slogan is just something that justifies a culture of impunity. They'd rather end their lives than give up a culture of impunity. That kind of mentality contributes to the Philippines' lack of progress.

This doesn't mean that I advocate the State should have such people killed. Instead, it's that the State may welcome them if they want to correct the mistakes of the 1987 Constitution but should respect their decision to commit suicide if they want to. After all, isn't the Philippines supposedly a free country? They want their choices to be respected then they got it. They can go ahead and commit suicide but the State isn't going to assist them. They should just do it themselves without the State trying to encourage it. But should the State fail in trying to negotiate with them then their "free choice" should just be respected.

What can be done by the Philippine government is to make people understand why these reforms are taking place and how the 1987 Constitution isn't working. They should be sponsoring programs that will make people see the benefits of correcting the faulty constitution and how first world countries progressed. They should be told, "If you want to commit suicide than change the faulty constitution then it's your loss so please reconsider before doing it. But should you choose to do it then just commit suicide by yourself because the government won't assist you nor stop you." Hopefully, more people will reconsider their actions to accept the necessary changes than commit suicide.