The Hypocrisy Of Anti-American Rallyists

There are always those idiotic ultranationalists who have their "Get out (insert country)." rallies but wait, there's got to be something that really should make you laugh if you observe them closely. The picture above shows a lot of stuff like the use of American products or stuff born from American influence. Even if the denims they were wearing might be Filipino-produced but it was introduced by Americans, the use of computer print outs presumably by American branded stuff and just a lot of stuff were either from America or born out of American influence.

"If you hate foreigners, why do you enjoy stuff brought in by foreigners?" would also be a good question to throw at those anti-American Filipino activists. They hate America so much but maybe at the end of the day they go to McDonald's, KFC and then they are watching television. Even if they were watching their beloved telebasuras instead of any imported show but weren't those television sets born out of American influence and/or came from another country? When they listen to any Filipino music done by any local artist (OPM or not) don't tell me that they weren't playing the music on imported equipment? In short, don't tell me that their homes are free from foreign influence!

Do they even think that getting rid of the American bases will improve the economy and the country's welfare? The answer is really no because American bases don't necessarily improve or destroy an economy. If they think that they don't really need foreign help in general to defeat China or fend off any invasion then they are dead wrong. They even dare to say that Armed Forces of the Philippines modernization is a waste of taxpayers' money. I really dare these guys to go ahead and try and beat off foreign invasion with Pinoy Pride. Maybe if they did that like try to fight China themselves then maybe it's really time to say goodbye to those annoying activists.

Plus if they want to stick to their self-industrialization ideology then they should really establish their own separate state. These people should realize that they're just able to do all their foolishness right now over the Internet and in real life because of foreign influence. They could only spread their idiotologies because there's the Internet and social networking which were NOT invented by Filipinos. If they want their self-industrialized country then why don't they establish their uncharted island and show that it's better than receiving foreign direct investment? Come on, I dare them!


  1. And also they(Anti-American Rallyists) buy Crayola for their kids. They even use English words and even speak in English Language(regardless if it is American or British style). They even use Mongol Pencils which the manufacturer is Newell Rubbermaid(also the manufacturer of Prismacolor). They even idolize Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, other USA superheroes.

  2. Photo cameras were invented in Germany, lenses in France. However, the digital camera is an American invention.

    Concrete was invented in the Roman Empire in Europe some 2000 years ago.

  3. Sometimes it's not that simple. My wife loves the USA and American products. She would welcome US investors and US tourists.

    But she is from Cagayan De Oro. And recently Imperial Manila has decided to used it for EDCA, so that US airforce may use it. But of course, Imperial Manila does not ask anyone in CDO.

    The problems the locals see:
    1. CDO may become the new Angeles City with bars, prostitutes, sex tourism, attracting Organized Crime.
    2. The American presence may attract terrorists. Abu Sayaf/BIFF as well as political extremists may want to blast malls, cafes, bars frequented by US soldiers.


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