Another Six Years Of Daang Matuwid Is B.S. Plain And Simple!

Not all straight roads lead to progress and unfortunately the whole legacy of PNoy Pride is a terrible joke to start with. As President Nobita's term is about to come to an end - it's time to really reevaluate of the failures of the Nobita Aquino Administration. It's problematic how the Aquino fanatics have this mentality, "Basta Aquino, iboto ko." and they help perpetuate the cycle of necropolitics. If you remember Ninoy died then Cory became president, Cory died then Nobita became president and when he dies you might as well expect a Kris Aquino presidency. It also has me thinking about Leni Robredo getting endorsed because of her late husband Jesse Robredo. 

Starting with President Nobita's campaign that says, "Kung walang corrupt ay walang mahirap." or "If there are no corrupt people, there are no poor people." it is really a preposterous campaign promise to start with. If you're going to get out of poverty it's your responsibility. During the campaign all that President Nobita does is spew out B.S. like his real life initials in B.S. Aquino. People voted for him and he left a sad legacy of PNoy Pride. One may consider all the stupid accomplishments of Daang Matuwid like President Nobita's refusal to reduce tax rates, refusal to open up the economy, appointing Etta Rosales into the Commission of Human Rights, more MRT problems, more traffic, preposterous tax rates, an increase in crime rate and you can really think as of late Mar Roxas is a joke candidate to start with.

Another six years of "Daang Matuwid" and you might really get more B.S. for another six years term. In the past, some people were even thinking of altering the constitution in favor of President Nobita instead of altering the constitution in favor of the people. What I find really annoying now with the Presidential system is also that there's really no flexibility. A parliamentary has the right to call for a snap election or vote of no confidence against an incompetent prime minister with suitable candidates. In a presidential system, the vice-president immediately takes place of the impeached president. Plus, six years is not enough to really carry out competent reforms either.

Filipino democracy is the rule of a stupid majority. If you want to be "smart" to the public then be stupid. Besides, just guess who usually keeps getting votes into power but popular people who know nothing at all. You have actors, athletes and other celebrity figures instead of people with real solutions. A lot of problems in the Philippines is not only because of stupid people in power but also because of stupid people who keep voting for them into power. Why do you think President Nobita became president in the first place? Besides, I also feel like a majority of people who are ignorant about basic economics are also a good reason why economic overprotectionism is a real problem. As long as people keep having their democracy of stupidity then there's going to be more "Daang Matuwid" nonsense over and over again.

What the Philippines needs is not another six years of "Daang Matuwid" with no real solutions for the betterment of the nation. There's the need real economic and political reforms. Remove 60/40 and start with free trade policies with reasonable restrictions. It's time to stop with the rule of impunity and favoritism to the rule of credibility over winnability. So really, where's this Daang Matuwid leading the Philippines to?!


  1. TBH, I feel it is still the same even if it is not Mar who was voted into power..... -_-


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