Mar Roxas Is A Microcosm Of What's Wrong With Many Filipinos

Having found this really funny picture of Mar Roxas as Mister Pogi, I think any Filipino who grew up watching Dragon Ball Z may remember this guy. Known to American audiences as Hercule (Hercules minus the s), the character is a comic relief who gets the adoration of the masses while he grabs credit for what he didn't do. Do you remember the Cell Saga in Dragon Ball Z if you are a Dragon Ball fan? Gohan was the REAL HERO who defeated Cell and in one of the animated movies, he defeated Bojack... but both victories were credit-grabbed by Mister Pogi. Likewise, Mar has dared to claim many achievements that were not his to be his like the cheaper medicine act or the help in Tacloban. Tacloban had plenty of other aid and not just the government when it came to helping the Typhoon Yolanda victims.

He really has the audacity to even publish this exaggerated and fictitious comic that he's the hero of Yolanda when he's a bad joke of a candidate. It's really no different than the garbage known as the Flor Contemplacion movie starring Nora Aunor which turned a murderer into an innocent victim and national heroine into the eyes of gullible Filipino people. Even if the evidence shows how Mar's and Stinky Soliman's fiasco was there, he still dared to publish the comic book hoping to get a vote, right? What's next? He'll ask somebody in Japan to make a Manga based on a lie when he loses the election?

Here's an edited scan (minus the words) of "the same comic that really makes me think, "WTF!" While I won't translate everything into English for those who don't understand Filipino but I'll really give a summary. The page above shows hwo the "hero" Mar Roxas is in a hotel and tells the people to go down to the basement during a storm surge. If it's flooding you do NOT go to the basement. Even the comics "Sa Gitna Ng Unos" in trying to show Mar is a hero ends up showing he's nothing more than PALPAKMAN!

Sad to say but many Filipinos are pretty much like Mar himself that they are credit grabbers. Whenever there's a successful Pinoy abroad they are quick to shout, "PINOY PRIDE!" or better yet "PENOY PRAYD! PENOYS ARE DA GRATEST." Even if Mar may not be top lead for the presidential vote but he's good example of what's wrong with many Filipinos. 


  1. "What's next? He'll ask somebody in Japan to make a Manga based on a lie when he loses the election" - Haha! Nailed it! Then again, no Japanese would be dumb enough to a manga based on him. Besides, their stories may be way too hard to comprehend for the likes of Mar and he, like any other Failipino, is already satisfied with their telebasuras anyway.


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