WTF: Neri Colmenares Sings A Foreign Song

What really makes those ultranationalists amazing is how hypocritical they are in their crying out foul against foreigners to get out but they are enjoying stuff created by foreigners. Let's just think that a few years ago, there was a proposal that would forbid Filipinos from bringing imported audio and video media from abroad. Fortunately, that stupid proposal didn't push through. Now let's really focus on this rather funny video of this clown. 

How much of a hypocrite is he with shouting against foreign investments? Guitars were introduced by Spain during their occupation, he's in an American-style office, he's being recorded by a camera that's obviously not made in the Philippines and just everything here isn't authentically Filipino. I just thought if he wants to promote "Sariling Atin Only" mentality then he should do this...

If he wants to go "authentically Filipino" then he should have done a tribal dance instead for his campaign. He hates the ideas of opening the Philippines to Foreign Direct Investment then he should go tribal in his campaigns. But then can he even record his tribal dance and song considering there's NO camera or whatever digital media he could find that's authentically Filipino? 


  1. The office in the video does not look like a modern American office. American offices have brighter light, larger windows and no 1950s drawers anymore.


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