Mar Roxas Is Wrong About Federalism

It's not a guarantee that just because a country practices federalism that the taxes will automatically be lower than unitarian governments. But looking at what DILG Secretary Mar Roxas said that, "Federalism will lead to higher taxes." is really an unsubstantiated conclusion. Talk about reaching into the conclusion before the facts and figures are studied. But again, isn't it that many Filipinos have that bad habit of making comments before they even finish reading and analyzing posts? I guess Roxas must be doing the same on the Internet huh?

For Roxas, can this guy get any more dumber? What was known the last time was that he supported economic liberalization but in an act of flip-flopping went against it. Now he's decided to say that federalism would automatically raise taxes. What he may have conveniently ignored or didn't know is that Malaysia is a federal state but it has 25% maximum for taxable income while the Philippines for a unitarian government has 32%. I really wonder where does Roxas get his ideas that federalism would automatically lead to higher taxes? 

Like that economically ignorant Heneral Antonio Lunatic who says that first world countries got progressive by his deluded fantasy of a country's progress through self-industrialization (and he has the tiny brain to say that we should study history when he should be the one doing more research), I think Roxas himself also has his own set of faulty history books written by biased writers like the comic book based on him. Does Roxas really know real facts and figures of history from reliable sources or is he like Heneral Lunatic reading from revisionist sources and DepEd textbooks?

The more I think about Roxas' die hard supporters - the more it's obvious that they intend to continue the stupid legacy of PNoy Pride. Instead of considering newer courses of action that will improve the Philippines' welfare, they are all taking the words of the Liberal Party as if there's no mistake. Sorry to say but Roxas supporters really need to wake up to reality. They need to do real research about federalism, economic liberalism and learn more about how first world countries really progressed instead of persisting in their beloved culture of anti-intellectualism.