Do The People Of Migrante International Realize That OFW Mishaps Multiply No Thanks To Economic Overprotectionism?

Considering it's March again and last year was the 20th death anniversary of Flor Contemplacion, I might actually focus on the economic ignorance of Migrante International. These people deserve to be called as "Migraine International" because their stupidity gives migraines to any enlightened Filipino. Listening to their invalid or illogical arguments has always given me migraines. It's best to ask them if they really even know basic economics.

Aside from the fact it's getting old of using the victim card mentality to gain international sympathy for guilty Filipinos, I could also talk about their mind-boggling lack of knowledge with basic economics. They want more jobs but they are also against opening up the economy. These people are presumably deluded with the fantasy of a nation's self-industrialization without accepting foreign direct investments. They might be thinking that the Filipino government can offer them all the jobs they need without liberating the economy. Worse, they might be even thinking that I should be studying history and observe first world countries when it should be them who should be studying it from more reliable sources.

The incident involving the three drug mules also showed some real painful truth that they need to accept. Economic overprotectionism does not only add misery, subtract jobs, multiplies the need for labor export and divides families but also provides opportunities for criminal syndicates. Do you even think that those drug mules didn't know that they were carrying drugs to those respective countries? It's been one of the most ridiculous claims any competent police officer out there can reject as pure baloney. One way to really defeat a drug war is by opening up the economy. If the economy were more open to legitimate foreign investors then drug dealers will have lesser and lesser manpower to work for them.

OFW mishaps happen because of people who refuse to follow simple guidelines? It can be viewed as a deadly combination of people who refuse to follow even the most simple of guidelines and the results of having unreasonable restrictions to the economy. There's no such thing as having immunity for OFWS because where they work, they are under the control of foreigners. The Philippines really needs more discipline and economic liberalization. It's more than about time to get rid of Migrante International's stupid whining and set real solutions for economic development.