So You'd Rather Remain Poor Than Be For Opening Up The Economy To Foreign Direct Investment?

While listening to the ultranationalists' stupid rants and their pride in a culture of foolishness, it also reminds me of the stupidity of their leftist economic views. Considering today is the very start of March and it might be best called as victim card mentality month, I'd also raise the issue of those activists who hate foreign investors but complain about a lack of jobs. It's simple to see that the idea of implementing a national self-industrialization instead of receiving foreign investments is nothing more than a deluded fantasy. It's time to really ask those leftist idiots, "So you'd rather remain poor than open up the economy to foreign direct investment?"

Filipino leftists say that those in favor of economic liberalization should study history and that first world countries progressed due to self-industrialization and not by foreign investments. Who are they trying to kid with their stupidity but stupid people themselves? Singapore and China both became industrialized not by self-industrialization but by a healthy amount of foreign investments. Both countries were stuck in poverty for some time. But when Deng Xiaoping and Lee Kwan Yew implemented economic liberalization both countries prospered while maintaining their sovereignty. When the Philippines started implementing the stupid 60/40 policy then the country's economy dwindled down. The result was that many Filipinos become jobless and they are forced to leave the country as a result.

It's safe to assume that these ultranationalists really are saying something like, "Wala akong paki kung mahirap ako. Filipino ako at ipinagmataas ko ang pagka-Filipino ko. Mas nais ko magiging mahirap kaysa sakupin ang inang bayan ko ng mga banyagang mamunuhan. Mas nais ko kumain ng pagpag kaysa sa pagkaing banyaga. Mas nais ko magtratrabaho para sa isang among Filipino na laitin ako at mababa ang sahod kaysa sa isang among banyaga na bigyan ako ng mataas na sweldo at mabuti siya sa akin. Mas nais ko ang masamang serbisyo sa Internet at mataas na bayad para sa kuryente kaysa sa kunin ko sila galing sa mga banyaga. Wala akong paki sa maginging benepisyo ng mga dayuhang mamunuhan. Mas nais ko ang Pinoy Pride." In English it means, "I don't care if I'm poor. I'm a Filipino and I'm proud to be one. I'd rather remain poor than let foreign investors invade my motherland. I'd rather eat pagpag than non-Filipino food. I'd rather work for a low paying Filipino boss who'd mistreat me rather than a foreign boss who'd pay me high wages and treat me properly. I'd rather have bad Internet services and high electricity than get them from foreigners. I don't care about the benefits of foreign investment, I'd rather have Pinoy Pride!"

Those ultranationalist idiots are really acting like as if they aren't using anything foreign because what's ironic is that while they rant, they might be using the Internet. As they use what I assume to be the Pisonet (where you drop one peso coins to use the Internet), don't tell me the computer they were using was made in the Philippines? Pinoy Pride doesn't provide jobs, quality services at affordable prices nor does it provide food for the table. Instead, all this Pinoy Pride has ended up adding misery, subtracting jobs, multiplying joblessness and dividing Filipinos. Besides, no amount of saying, "Penoys are da greatest." is going to help the economic situation of the Philippines. So really, would you rather remain poor than be for economic liberalization?


  1. Maybe what Pinoy nationalists and leftists are saying is that removing economic restrictions works against them because if it happens, then they won't have any more poor people to recruit and use for their own selfish needs. XD

    Sure, they'll ask me if I'm not selfish or even accuse me of beig one; which I won't deny. But I'd say our difference is that at least I don't harm others in the process unlike them.....


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