Has Kahit Konting Awa Become The Theme Song Of Filipinos?

Considering last year was Flor Contemplacion's twentieth year anniversary and yet many Filipinos still have not moved on from that incident. Many still believe that she's innocent. Then you have the problem of Migrante International's repeated stupidity with their desire for more jobs for Filipinos yet they are against opening up the economy. What happened during Flor's execution 21 years ago was that not only was she hailed as a "heroine" but a bogus movie was made. The bogus movie soon had the hit song "Kahit Konting Awa" or "Just a Little Pity" in English.

It's an observation that the Philippine media just loves to glorify the victim card mentality. After the Flor Contemplacion movie, it was very common to have Filipinos believe the fabricated version of the story than the true to life account in Singapore. The movie suffered from a lot of inconsistencies in the portrayal yet many Filipinos bought it as truth. Ever since the founding of Migrante International, I really felt like that it's become a common thing to glorify the song "Kahit Konting Awa" to convince Filipinos that they are always an oppressed race. Then that theme song gets annoyingly used in several instances a guilty Filipino is about to get his or her just desserts. The same went for the three Filipino drug mules last March 30, 2011.

Many Filipinos may have popularized the song "Kahit Konting Awa" to the point that it's making more and more Filipinos stupid. Instead of learning from the harsh lessons of Flor's tragedy in Singapore like OFW mishaps happen because of Filipinos who refuse to follow simple guidelines or that foreign direct investment is the answer to help the Philippine economy progress, they still stick to their stupid fantasies. When will they learn that self-industrialization without foreign direct investments is just a stupid fantasy? Instead of accepting her guilt, they have instead honored her as a heroine. 

The problem with the song "Kahit Konting Awa" is that given more time and let's say what if stupid activist party lists like Migrante International and Bayan Muna get more seats. What if they would soon propose to change the Philippine national anthem from "Lupang Hinirang" to "Kahit Konting Awa". The song itself keeps encouraging Filipinos to be victim card players instead of taking responsibility for their actions. It would also encourage a culture of impunity to more Filipinos believing that they have some kind of "immunity" abroad. If it ever becomes the Philippine National Anthem then the Philippines will be further screwed up to further oblivion. It's really time to put away that stupid victim card mentality, encourage economic liberalization and work for a better Philippines.